Skin Laundry – Skin Purifying Cream Review


If you want to slay your way through life, why don’t do it with a gorgeous skin? I totally stand by that, but are Skin Laundry Cleansers really the way to achieve that feat?

The Skin Laundry Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser was at some point, if I am not mistaken, a product featured in same beauty tops. Everyone seemed to like it a couple of years back so I decided to give it a try. Life is not fair and definitely not kinder with us little warriors so of course I had to be one of those who got acne and by that I mean really bad acne. I do have to admit that I was luckily enough to get it past high school, but still it is not something I welcome. Taking care of my skin is a must do, but it can be so annoying at times which is why I like to switch thing around from time to time. I guess this was the main reason, other than pure curiosity, why I wanted to try out the Skin Laundry range.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 22.17.36

The Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser is a cream as the name suggests, with a faint smell which is pretty okay but by no standards nice. All good so far, but the foam is just too much for me. It takes me so long to get rid of all of it when I cleanse my face that it makes the entire process even more painful. Don’t get me wrong, I love beauty but I also like my sleep and appreciate the free time I have. As for the results, the cleanser is pretty good, but a bit drying.

Overall, I believe that Skin Landry’s Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser is a good product, however it is not exactly what I was expecting when I first saw the brand featured in a magazine. The product is reasonably priced so if you ever want to try something new that is also effective I would say go for it, but do not expect miracles.

Have you ever tried anything from Skin Laundry? Any recommendations?

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