The luxurious and nourishing Pixi balm to oil cleanser

I never had much of a chance to try out Pixi products, however I heard really good things about them. Some products did pass through my hands, but they were always products I know I could never appreciate so I decided to find them a more loving owner. This oil based cleanser is the first Pixi product I bought because I wanted to try it out.

Oil based cleansers are not new to me and I loved almost every single one that I tried in the past. Some of them had an unfortunate fragrance though, so when I first opened this Pixi one, I was pleasantly surprised. I mean who doesn’t like the smell of cocoa butter and almonds? That is what it says on the box, but to me it smells more like chamomile. Weird? maybe. Unwanted? definitely no. I love the scent, fullstop.


The quality of the  product is also pretty good and it feels okay on the skin, however I am no incredibly happy with the results. I do not feel like my face is as clean as when I use other products and this happens especially when I am removing makeup. On a clear face it is okay, but with makeup on I cannot say that I like it. Even after using it, I do not feel like my face is as clean as it could be. Let’s not get into that luxurious texture that many claim the product has, I honestly do not see it. And when it comes to balm to oil part, I do not really feel it either. Yes, it is not as oily in the beginning, but to me it does not feel like an actual balm either. Maybe I was just expecting too much from the product or I am spoiled by other products…

Overall, I do not regret buying the product as I was really curious, but I am pretty sure that I won’t buy it ever again. There are other Pixi cleansers I have my eyes on though, so I will definitely give the brand another try.

Have you tried any Pixi cleansers, what did you think?

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