In the Moment – The British version of Flow?

This is coming a bit late, but it takes me ages to read a magazine from one end to the other. In the Moment is a new magazine published in the UK, the featured magazine is actually the first issue ever released and it covers topics from well being, to mindfulness and creativity. In theory is a great idea, but is it in practice?

In the moment

The answer is yes. Compared to some other magazines that were recently published in the UK (magazines that should not be named), In the Moment actually manages to deliver on its promise. The magazine is lovely to look at, the illustrations and photography have the same calming effect as the ones from the Dutch Flow Magazine. Flow is another magazine that I love, but compared to In the Moment, it is not a monthly publication, at least the English version isn’t, and the magazine is not as easy to acquire in the UK – more onto that later though. Back to In the moment – in addition, the content of In the Moment is centred around the audience that they are trying to attract and this is definitely the way to go.

In the moment

After reading those magazines that should not be named, I did not want to have big expectations when I picked In the Moment up from Selfridges at the end of June, but the magazine is one that I will definitely buy in the future. Now, several issues later I do not regret the decision to continue purchasing the magazines.

As for the resemblance to Flow, the two magazines do have certain things in common, the concept is similar, however In the Moment does have certain things that make it more British, as it should. It might be just me, but growing up outside the UK makes it easy for me to spot these kind of differences. In no way I mean to imply that the differences are somewhat bad, because they are not. These differences are actually what gives In the Moment character. Similarly to Flow, In the Moment also has certain supplements such as pull out illustrations that you can frame if you choose to do so. They are kinda nice as well :).

Overall, I am glad that the magazine was published. It this this kind of magazines we need to see more of and for me personally, it is the kind magazine that made it possible for me to not fall apart during my last year at university. It is this sort of magazines that made me cheer up, calm down and helped me deal with the adversities and challenges I had to face. In the Moment might not be a solution to all your problems, but it never intended to be. However, it is a way for you to enter your happy place and feel safe and comforted even if just for a little while.

Do you have a magazine that makes you feel happy?

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