Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

Marc Jacobs Beauty really took off in 2017 and for this reason I was super excited to try out the Highlighter Gel Eye Crayon. As per usual, I have been postponing the purchase for a while, but luckily the gel eye crayon was included in the John Lewis advent calendar for 2017.

Marc Jacobs eye gel crayon

The first thing that caught my attention upon seeing the product was the packaging. I love the silver in which the actual product in encased. It looks luxurious and pretty! However, I am not sure that I would have loved it as much if my Marc Jacobs Beauty lip pencil collection would have been bigger. The two products have very similar packaging. Plus, the similarity takes away the individuality of the products and that is something I am very unhappy about, regardless of how it makes the overall collection seem more stunning. Where is the personality?

Anyway, enough about the similarities. The pencil is retractable which is nice as you do not need to have a sharpener on hand. That is a great thing as far as I am concerned. Anyone else loses their sharpeners as often as I do? Raise your hand. However, all of these nice features only made me wonder whether they are trying to overcompensate for something else.

Marc Jacobs eye gel crayon

I was honestly hoping they were not. I mean Marc Jacobs is a high end, respectable brand and the expectations for the beauty products are also high. The increase in popularity of these products also made me hope that I would find a new eye gel crayon that I would like. As you probably guessed, it was not meant to be. Honestly, I am surprised that so many people loved this eye gel crayon as I did not. On the hand swatch it looks amazing. The colour is incredibly pigmented, the colour in this case being Blacquer and is described by the brand as being the “deepest, shiniest black”. It totally looks like a deep black on the hand and it was incredibly easy to swatch, however when I tried to apply it, it was a completely different story. The product does not apply as easy as it does on the hand and the colour is pretty disappointing. You need to go over the same area several times to achieve the desired colour. If you are looking for a more toned down black, then maybe this is a product for you. However, if you were planning on getting this product because you wanted a deep black, then I recommend looking somewhere else.

Marc Jacobs eye gel crayon

There is no point for me to keep going, I guess you got the gist of it. I am super disappointed in this product and I am pretty sure that I won’t get one in the near future so I am happy that I saved my money. I will probably try another eye gel crayon from Marc Jacobs Beauty is a few of months and see if something changed as we all know that brands tend make changes to formulas from time to time, but in the meantime I will stick to the products I love and know that work. Remember, this is just my personal experience. Others did enjoy the product so who knows, maybe my sample sized crayon was at fault.



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  1. Wow love this !need it 🙂

    Make sure to check it and comment on my latest post : xx


    1. Nana says:

      make sure to check it out first, because I honestly did not find it all that great.

      Liked by 1 person

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