First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


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The Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty is the very first product I have tried from this brand. I have seen photos of their products on so many Instagrams and I thought wow! It is such an affordable product so I should also give it a try if it has so many fans out there. I know that just because everyone loves it, you will not necesarily like it as well, but I still hoped, you know? The cream promises to be very hydrating and to help with some minor skin conditions. That was exactly what I needed.  My impression however was not great and neither was the second nor the rest. You get it! I just could not love the product. The cream is meant to be used on your face and also on your body.

I tried it on my face and I felt like washing it off immediately, but for the sake of this review I kept it on for the entire day. The first thing I noticed was the smell, if you can even call it that. It is horrible! It smells worse than it does in a hospital. Why would I want to have that on my face? I mean really? Why? The next thing was that my foundation would simply not sit on my face the way I was expecting it to sit, but that is probably not as important. This thing will never go on my face again! It did nothing for my dry patches as it promised and it left my face feeling greasy when it was not supposed to do that.

Later on, I decided to try it on my hands which are the one area of my body that definitely needed the extra TLC the cream promised to deliver. Yeah, as you probably guessed it already, no luck there either and once again that smell!

first aid beauty

Before sitting down to write this post, I was talking to a friend whose judgement I trust and she loves the product. I have read reviews and many people love the product, but I never disliked a product more than I do this one. I am not giving up on the brand just yet. I will probably order some more products from the brand to test them out, but I am trying to keep my expectations low. I honestly wanted to like it because it would be the perfect moisturiser as it is universal and it helps with dryness, it helps protect the skin and it is so affordable, but I just cannot bring myself to even like it, let alone love it.

Can you recommend me any First Aid Beauty products?

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