Pixi LipLift Max

Not that long ago I mentioned that I do not particularly like any Pixi products, but that I am willing to continue trying until I find one that I love. That finally happened with Pixi LipLift Max Gloss.

You probably have no reason to continue reading, I mean, I just spoilt the surprise myself. Yes, I love the Pixi LipLift Max Gloss. The product feels really nice on the lips and it is quite nourishing as well. Unlike many other glosses, it does not feel sticky. A few minutes after you apply it, it feels more like an oil than anything else. Furthermore, the gloss is not the ‘in you face’ type for lack of better wording; it is elegant, yet visible. The Pixi LipLift Max Gloss is the perfect lip product to add to your repertoire when you intend you conquer the world, or at leats a meeting room.

Pixi LipLift Max

What about the colour? The one that I have is Honey Sheen. The colour is not really visible on my lips despite the rose gold/ gold pigmentation it shows in the tube. What it does really is revive the colour of my lips slightly or at least that is how I see it.

Pixi LipLift Max

What about the plumping effect? There really is a plumping effect if you were wondering. The Pixi LipLift Max does make your lips look plumper than usual. The change in size is not dramatic, I have seen other products that do lead to bigger lips than this product does, however the plumping itself does not hurt. That is really important to note as lately in my quest for trying products that make your lips look bigger, I did encounter a few that are pretty painful as well. The plumping is gentle and what you will feel is just a slight tingling which is basically the same as when you would apply any minty product. The product is minty flavoured in case you ere wondering and was not clear from what I mentioned before.

Overall, I find the Pixi LipLift Max to be quite a good product and one that I am looking forward to wearing again and again. The Honey Sheen colour is also beautiful and not that visible so this might be the perfect product for you if you are looking to achieve a glossy finish with a plumping effect. I am really curious to try out the other two colours now as the product comes in three shades only. I have my eyes set on the Sheer Rose one in particular.

The Pixi LipLift Max Gloss retails at 12 pounds and you can get it from here (non-affiliate link).

Have you ever tried Pixi LipLift Max? How about any other plumping products?


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