Beautify your phone with Vutu London

Accessories are a big part of our lives. They add something special to our attire whether we want to admit it or not. Sometimes we use accessories to enhance our appearance or to show our personalities in a more austere environment. However, how often do we really think about accessorising the one item we carry with us almost everywhere? The one item we pick up more often than anything else? Yes, I am talking about our phones.


That little gadget allows me to fulfil most of my work obligation from almost anywhere in the world, that little gadget makes it easy for me to keep in touch with the people I love or to find ways to entertain myself when on a commute. These are just some of the reasons why it also needs some loving and what better way to show your appreciation to your own device than by getting it a new case? I am not talking about any case here either, I am talking about one that will ensure that you will be able to continue doing your work even if by chance the expensive item slips from your hands and also one that fits your style.

Recently I was given the chance to try Vutu London new collection of iPhone cases and I am in loooove! Their designs are so beautiful! However, design is not all there is to it. Like previously mentioned, quality and the protection it offers your device is of great importance.

vutu vutu vutu

The cases are made of flexible rubber that allows you to place your phone inside with ease, but strong enough that it will not fall off. The case covers the back of your phone and also the four sides, including the one where you plug in your charger. For me that is really important as the area where I plug in my charger is the one mostly likely to scratch and you would be surprised just how many companies that produce phone cases tend to ignore it! Another thing that I love is the fact that you get some padding on the inside that offers extra protection to the back of your phone. This is becoming more common to offer, but yet again, not all cases have it. I am really glad that Vutu London did include it in their offerings.

The phone case is glossy, but luckily it does not slip from one’s hands. It happened to me before and I swore I was never going to use one of those cases ever again. I mean, what is the point? However, you do have to be careful when placing your phone on certain surfaces, for example I noticed that when I kept the phone on my desk I could easily knock it off as it glides on the surface.

The case itself comes it a beautiful black box. True, the card feels more like a thicker paper rather than actual card, but overall it is beautifully designed. The phone case makes for a great gift, truly!

vutu london

Cases that I love from Vutu London:

What do you think of Vutu London cases?

*This is a PR sample, but the opinions are honest. No affiliate links have been used in the post.


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