10 things to do when you are bored

1. Rearrange the stuff in your room

For some reason a large number of people are reticent when it comes to reorganizing their personal belongings. I find that really strange. When I am bored and absolutely nothing else works I always turn to this. I enjoy living in an organized environment. I stop being able to focus when it gets too messy and I have stuff all over the space. Putting things in their rightful place or trying to find another one so that more things fit is a great way of spending your time when you have nothing else to do or if you are not in the mood for anything else, plus it is useful at the same time.

2. Organize your workspace

I should probably include this in first one, but I don’t want to. Organizing the stuff on your desk increases your productivity. It makes it easier for you to concentrate as you are no longer distracted by every single thing that sits on your desk when it should be sitting somewhere else. You should leave only the essential instruments that you need in order to do your work, whatever that is. I do not particularly enjoy doing this, but it gives me a sense of calm like no other thing.

3. Look through your medicine cabinet

This is not very useful if you do it too often, but from time to time it works. Open the cabinet, take everything out, clean it a bit as dust can get in everywhere even if the cabinet is always closed and then start putting everything back in after checking the expiration dates. This way you find something to do which is also useful as you make sure that  you will not use a product in the future that is no longer safe to use.

4. Try and find a new TV Show

This is quite hard to do. When you are like me and spend so many hours watching almost every show worth watching it seems impossible to find another. Sometimes you are in luck, but to be honest most times you are not. This is not necessarily a useful way to pass your time, but if it helps you relax for a while then it is worth it.

5. Clean your Facebook Timeline

So many people have so many things on their Facebook timeline that should not be there. Yes, some things are cute and funny, but they have no place being on someone’s timeline. If you really want to share something then maybe you should just send it as a PM to your friend. Your timeline can truly affect your life. More and more employers started checking out Facebook profiles before hiring someone, they tend to look at pictures more than anything. Get rid of all those embarrassing pictures!

6. Do something creative

Find a useful way to transform a thing that you no longer use and that you have laying around the house. Take a vase for example and paint it in a different color. Take some old clothes and start cutting them and transform them in something else,  turn a dress in a skirt or something.  Get some beads and start making jewelry. You got the idea.

7. Read something.


If you are not in the mood to read any of the books you own then just open your browser and go onto a newspaper’s website and read an article. You can always find something that you like. You will stop feeling bored and you learn something new at the same time.

8. Start a blog


No, nothing serious. Open a Tumblr account and start posting all the things that you like. It worked for me seven years ago. I still have that blog and every time I am bored I go over there and post some more. You can check out my blog here.

9. Go for a walk


Go and explore.  Even if you lived all your life in one place that does not mean that there is nothing new to discover. There always is. If you don’t find anything, don’t worry! At least you  got some exercise which is good for both body and brain. Plus you will be a bit more tired which will make the day pass a lot faster since you will probably go to bed earlier. My logic is a bit strange, isn’t it?

10. Call a friend


You surely have a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Call him or her. You will have a lot of things to catch up on and that can take hours. Your friend will surely appreciate the call.

What do you do when you are bored? Which of these tips do you think might work?


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