The Solution by Glossier

The Solution is an acid based product that contains not one, but three types of acids: AHA, BHA and PHA with a concentration of 10% according to Glossier. Personally, I never used this combination of acids before so of course I was curious. However, the reason I wanted to try this product most of all does not have anything to do with the ingredients, but with the fact that I thought this might be the beginning of a new era in the life of Glossier. I honestly thought that maybe from now on, the brand would start creating products that are suitable for people with skin concerns or people older than 16.

the solution the solution

Oh, this is so difficult to write. I know that when I first bought Glossier when it became available in the UK I was not as happy with the brand, I mean I was pretty skeptical, but things changed slightly. It grew on me, but I still do not consider it a must have brand. However, when The Solution came out I hoped things would be different, but they are not. As much as I wanted to be able to say that this is the one product you truly need in your cabinet, it is not. In fact, it is a product you probably should never buy. I don’t know what was in my head when I purchased it, but I should have expected that such a young brand with no experience in acids could not deliver a high quality product in this area.

The Solution is too harsh on the skin, the moment I applied it it stung really bad especially in some areas of my face. No, I did not have lacerations as otherwise I would have not used it to begin with. I have been using acids for several years now and I never felt so uncomfortable. I have been using it since that first time and the effects are more or less the same. I must admit though that on some other areas of my face it seems to be working okay-ish, but that does not make me want to continue using it. I have been using it for several weeks now and I simply cannot continue to do it. I am worried about my skin. Furthermore, it is for daily use. I mean really Glossier? Daily use? Come on now. Most acids are to be used every other day and they are usually in lower concentrations than The Solution. That should tell you something.

the solution

Price wise, The Solution is competitively priced. Its price is way lower than most acids on the market, however considering just how much money is spent on the nice nail polish like bottles which are amazing by the way and on the beautiful boxes and postage plus the markup…yeah, it does not look all that appealing anymore. Any product that required a lot of R&D (expect one well known brand that has a comply different story) will be expensive as otherwise the business cannot cover the cost of the research and time spent on creating a high quality product.  As much as I wish I could believe that someone spend only a short time on developing the product and that is why they can afford to sell it at such a low price, I know that would be complete lie so there you have it.

I know this review probably disappointed many of you, but I honestly in good faith cannot recommend this product. I have nothing against the brand, l find their marketing amazing and all that, but I thought that days where brands use marketing to cover the quality of their products were over especially now that consumers are more informed. Personally, I am super disappointed as Glossier and The Solution in particular were things I really wanted to like.

Then again, I am not expert so what the hell do I know…

What did you think of The Solution?


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