Shay&Blue Blood Oranges

I rarely review fragrances as they are so hard to explain or maybe that is just me, but nonetheless here it is the very first fragrance review posted on this blog. I have been meaning to try out a new fragrance from Shay & Blue for some time and I am glad that I got to the chance as it was included in one of the advent calendars that I bought last year.



Shay&Blue is a brand of fragrances that even though is advertised in almost every magazine I purchase,   it is not as easy to find. I mean, you don’t just go inside any store that sells beauty products and you see it there. Marks&Spencer carry the brand and you will find in most stores in the beauty sector, but right now I cannot think of any other store where I have seen the products. I know that QVC also sells them and of course you can purchase the fragrances via Shay&Blue’s website, however, they are not everywhere and that was my point. Why does it matters? Well, when you buy a fragrance you usually want to try it on. Recently I have seen myself forced to purchase fragrances without trying them on, but I got really lucky with only one being a fragrance I am not particularly fond of. Still, lots of wasted money.

Since the Shay&Blue fragrances are not as common, I am always happy to see a travel size version in boxes or calendars by M&S. Last year they also had one and it was the Atropa Belladonna which I actually liked.  The size of the bottle is just enough to truly figure out whether you want to purchase a full size version of the fragrance or not and that is great. You get to wear the fragrance around 10-15 times and then make a decision whether to invest or not.


The Shay&Blue Blood Orange fragrance as you have guessed by now, smells like oranges but there is another subtle scent that adds to the overall fragrance and makes the orange heart seem more elegant. Okay, I think I am approaching BS territory here, but it is true, however it sounds so weird saying it or rather writing it! It is no doubt an interesting scent just like the Atropa Belladonna, but as refined and interesting as it might be, it is just not something I can see myself wearing.

Overall, Shay&Blue once again did not disappoint when it comes to the quality of the product, however the scent itself is not for me. I am glad that I got to try it though as this way I won’t have to keep wondering. The entire fragrance collection is incredibly tempting, but I definitely recommend trying them out first as they are not what you would expect them to be, at least they are not what I expect them to be.


Have you ever tried Shay&Blue? Do you have a favourite?

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