Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

I know that this post is yet another lipstick post, however Stila is a pretty amazing brand and it is worth reading about.


I have been lucky enough to try out some of their products before. Unfortunately, most of the products came from beauty boxes or advent calendars and the colours were never quite right for me. There is nothing wrong with them being from beauty boxes, but you know what I mean. It is a bit frustrating when the colours are just some that you would not think about wearing, however I did try them on as I was not very familiar with the brand at that time and I loved them. I loved their quality, I mean.

stila stila

For the first time, I finally ended up with a Stila product that I can wear. Jackpot!! I was actually excited to try it out and see whether it was as great as it looked and smelled. The product smells amazing, but of course that should not matter as long as you do not have something against fragranced cosmetics or it does not smell horrible. The application is smooth and the applicator itself is pretty good, but that is what one expects when they splurge on Stila. However, I honestly preferred applying the liquid lipstick using a lip brush as I found it offered me slightly more control around the corners of my mouth.

The colour of the product is called Pearl and it is pretty amazing, it reminds me actually of some of Kylie’s Cosmetics first shades from her lip kits collection that were oh so popular around two years ago. The lipstick is longwear and it dries out matte and looking pretty beautiful. I wore it for an entire day and it managed to look okay by the end of the night without any touchups, however I did not get to eat or drink all that much so maybe that is why. However, having to reapply it would not be something that would make me say that you should stay away from this product.  I honestly believe that this lip product from Stila is pretty great and it is a bit drying, but it is not uncomfortably so.

Overall, I would recommend giving this product from Stila a try and see what you think of it. It is pretty great and I look forward to continue wearing it.

Are you a fan of Stila? Which products would you recommend?


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  1. I got one in an M&S calendar and the colour really doesn’t suit me – it’s such a shame! x


    1. Nana says:

      I am sorry to hear that! Mine is also from the calendar, but it looks pretty okay. However, I am not sure just how often I will wear it.

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  2. Great post!❤❤ Keep up the good job😍
    If you want check out my blog too😍


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