Naticuma Amazon Dry Body Oil

I have been dealing with very dry skin since I started living in London,so I was quite curious to see whether the Naticuma Amazon Dry Body Oil would help me with this. Furthermore, I have a friend who has to deal with dry skin issues every single day and it is quite painful to watch someone struggling to manage their condition and being unable to find a solution. It would not be the first time one would find help in the unexpected of places so I just had to give it a try.

The Naticuma Dry Body Oil is made using natural oils which personally I think is great. While I am not using only natural products in my skincare routine, I do prefer them. I tried many body oils throughout my life, but I have never been a fan. Most of them leave my skin oily and you have to wait for them to properly dry before getting dressed after applying them and there is also the risk of ruining clothes and whatnot. For this reason, most of the bottles end up gathering dust on a bathroom shelf before a spring cleaning when they end up tossed in the trash. With that out of the way, I am pretty sure it won’t happen in this case. The Naticuma Dry Body Oil is quite unique in terms of texture. Yes, the oil feels a bit wet on the area where you applied it, but it is dry to the touch. Hope that makes sense. Furthermore, the oil has a much ticker consistency which is probably due to the ingredients, but I do not mind. Also, the fragrance is quite different from what you usually encounter in skincare products. It has a soft and pleasant scent and does not smell like perfume unlike many other products out there. The purpose is not for it to make you smell nice, but to actually help nourish your skin and that is what maters, the rest is just a bonus.


Is it effective though? Maybe I should have led with this since this is the most important thing. I have been using it for a week and I am happy with the results. My skin is definitely slightly less dry and it feels more comfortable. My elbows have not felt this smooth since I was really young and for me that is a win. Initially, I planned on giving this bottle of Naticuma Dry Body Oil to my friend to try, but I think I will hold on to it and just get another one. It is definitely a great addition to my skin care routine and I am happy to have found this new and less known brand exactly when I needed it, but when I least expected it.

Overall, it is a yes for me and I think is a product that can help you face the day.

You can find more about Naticuma here:

Would you give Naticuma a try?


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  1. Cindy says:

    Nice post Beauty Belle…xx


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