Generation G by Glossier


As someone who tries her best at being a go-getter and supporter of all women, I truly wanted to be a huge fan of Glossier. I like the idea behind the brand and I waited a long time to get my hands on their products, especially considering that I was living in the UK at the time.


Generation G by Glossier is yet another product that I tried from the brand, in fact it was one of the first few products that I tried. I heard many good things and saw that the product was even used by makeup artists in movie productions, big movies! However, once again I was not terribly impressed.

Generation G is a matte sheer lipstick. The concept sounded intriguing, or am I the only one? I wanted something to add a bit of colour to my lips, make them stand out a bit more without it being too obvious. Being a go-getter is had work and long hours at times so looking amazing the next day takes time which we do not have. This promised to be a nice solution, but wasn’t.

glossier generation GOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The lipstick from Glossier has an interesting texture, but to me it seems a bit too waxy. The smell doesn’t help expel those thoughts either. In spite of that fact, I continued to use it. I will continue to do so considering that I spent 20 USD on it. However, it does not impress me at all. It is just a lipstick that does not do anything out of the ordinary and does not even look amazing enough to justify the price. I am sorry for all Glossier fans out there that I have to say this, but to me the brand seems more and more like a fad than anything else. I don’t want to be harsh especially given the fact that the brand was founded by a fellow female entrepreneur, but I just cannot help it and find all of their products way too pricey for what they are.

My lipstick colour is Crush.

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What did you think of the Generation G by Glossier?

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