Blush Suede is now on Pinterest


Social media is great and not so great. This is a very long debate, but I won’t go into it at the moment. However, there is always a platform that holds a special place in our lives and that for me is Pinterest. Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is amazing, but that does not tell you much. That is mostly my enthusiasm. Pinterest is great because you can destress and find many great solutions for most thing you could think off. From beauty to decor to recipes, there is someone who posted or tried a solution that works.

Furthermore, I enjoy curating collections of things that I like as I often find inspiration from those boards. Also, Pinterest has a positive impact on blogging, not only it can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website, but also give you more ideas on what to post. If you are interested, I might just write an entire post on how that is possible and what you can do to achieve great results using Pinterest, all based on past experience of course. At the moment, the account for Blush Suede is very new – 3 days!! 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about my interests and what inspires me check out my profile here:


Find me on Pinterest here.  Feel free to leave your own link in a comment below.

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