Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask


The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask is not the first mask of its kind that caught my attention or that I have used for that matter. However, this is the first beauty product that ever caught my attention in an Instagram ad.

Buying from Instagram is not something that I do, but a very close friend of mine did this once and ended up with another kind of pink clay mask that she loved. I also love that mask, however I discovered it through a gwp from Harvey Nichols. So even though one person loving a product is nothing much to go by, I decided to risk it myself and as such I ended up buying the pink clay mask from Alya Skin.


Alya Skin is an Australian brand that does not sell many products, most of the time in fact, they only sell this specific pink clay mask and that is fine. I just thought you might want to know. The mask comes in a nice jar with simple and elegant packaging. The price varies slightly, depending on the offers they have running at the time of purchase and if you buy two, then the second jar is usually at half price. Furthermore, the shipping is free, at least it was for me. The package arrived in around 10 days and it was in mint condition.

The mask itself is okay. To be honest it is not the best mask I ever tried, at least not when it comes to pore refining, but this one does do the job, however not to the extent presented onto their website. I repeat, it is effective, but there are others that are more so. What I do love it about it compared to other pink clay masks I tried before or any clay masks in general actually is that the mask is creamy and stays that way. Most clay masks dry quite a lot and are so hard to remove that even though they work like magic on my face, I am reluctant to use them often. I just hate the feeling and the amount of time it takes to remove it. The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask is incredibly comfortable and smells nice as well.


The Alya Skin pink clay mask is vegan and cruelty free. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin so it is the perfect mask to try if you, like me, hate those mask that feel really tight and could even lead to intimations.

The mask might not be the most effective one out there, but it is perfect for multiple weekly use as a way to detox your skin and ensure that you look amazing at your next important meeting or in you day to day life.

You can get the mask from here. (non affiliate link)

Have you made any great purchases from Instagram? What did you buy?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. lucyakao says:

    this clay mask is amazing. i think i should take the risk too.
    on my blog i have only talked about one clay mask and not tried any new but i love this for sure. and love the blog too.


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