Creative Spotlight: Jemma from Dorkface


As a blogger and human being, I strongly believe in supporting bloggers in whichever way we can. It might not be much, but we should try our best to give back to the community that inspires us day after day with their amazing writing, to the community of people that make us smile when we have horrible days and who, through their writing, are with us when we feel like breaking down. I don’t know about you, but I always turn to reading blogs when I need a bit of pick me up.

As an entrepreneur, I feel even more strongly about supporting fellow creatives. When I am not blogging (or in school, for now), I spend my time helping creative people start and scale their own businesses. The reason why I started doing this is because of my own special creative person that holds and will forever hold an important place in my life. Talent should be celebrated and everyone should be allowed to admire it in whichever form it may come. As such, I would like to present you some pieces that Jemma Humphreys, the award winning blogger from behind the amazing Dorkface Blog created for her Etsy shop. If you do not know her, what are you waiting for?

Jemma’s blog is honestly one of the first blogs I started reading many, many years ago. It even featured in some of my most read blogs articles that are now long gone 😦 and there is a reason for that. Her blog is like my happy place, my refuge. It bring a bit of colour in my black and white life. And while not all her posts might be happy, they are all real and they show each and everyone of us that life is not perfect, but that it is worth fighting for. I am not going to spoil it further for you, but I invite you to check it out and subscribe.

Jemma’s Art –  Wishlist

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 18.53.16.png

  1. Cat Stickers – £4.00 – buy here

  2. Cute Pink Sticker Pack – £4.00 – buy here

Have you seen how cute those cat stickers are? I am such a huge cat lover that there was not way I could have skipped those pretty stickers. If I were still in secondary school, they would now be all over my notebooks! As for the pink stickers, those I will probably get as soon as I get my next pay check. I am sure that I can find a use for them somewhere in my blogging planner! I mean, just look at them 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 19.04.55.png

3.  Love you Sunshine Art Print – £4.00+ – buy here

4. Wonder Often A4 Glossy Leaf Print – £4.50 – buy here

5. Line Drawing Portrait – £4.50+ – buy here

I absolutely love simple and inspirational prints. There is just something about them that makes a home more homey, if you know what I mean. My dorm room is now full of them, but I cannot wait to have my own place and actually put them on the walls. These are just 2 examples that Jemma created that I love, but make sure to check out the rest here.  Also, I do not care what research shows about loving inspirational messages. I need them in my life. As for the fifth piece of art, I cannot explain, but there is something about it the draws me in. Those simple and elegant lines are beautiful and the portrait evokes so much emotion.

These are just some items from Jemma’s shop that I really love, but there are many other cute and gorgeous ones that you must check out. Her cards are also really nice and if I were the type of person who would add cards to a gift, I would definitely have some of them in my Etsy basket right now.

In addition, Jemma also has a limited time campaign on Mercht and she is selling these amazing T-Shirts that you much check out. I already ordered mine in blue and cannot wait to receive it once the campaign ends. Get yourself a cute, new t-shirt here.

Where else you can find Jemma?

Her blog, duh! Of course, there is also her amazing and colourful Instagram profile. Jemma is also pretty active on Twitter and runs some pretty amazing Twitter chats that I haven’t took part in a while *shame on me.

Are there any bloggers/creatives you think deserve some love?

*all images belong to Jemma. No copyright infringement intended. As for the editing, blame that on me. 

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  1. This was such an incredible post. I really love your massive support to Jemma, but your points on creativity is even better (in my opinion anyway) This was so inspiring – keep up your good work ❤ Karen xx


    1. Nana says:

      Glad you loved it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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