Beauty News: Avestan – The Fragrance line from the creators of The Ordinary


Yes, you read that right. Well, in case you bothered to read the title which I get we often do not do or perhaps that is just me. Of course that is just me. Well, in any case here it is again: the creators of the cult brand The Ordinary are launching a new fragrance line in fall 2018 and the new line is called Avestan. So exciting, isn’t it? Well, for one I cannot wait and I wish they would lunch sooner as I am pretty sure that once they products are out, they will be out of stock and then I will probably be gone and living in a country that does not store the brand. I am being dramatic, but it happened so many times in the past that you would not believe it. I just cannot wait to get my hands on these new fragrances and auxiliary products! Yes, you read that right, the line will not only be made up of fragrances, but also body lotions and sometimes even shampoos and of course the much loved candles that every brand seems to come out with nowadays.

The scents included in the collection are the following (according to the Avestan website):

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 23.22.30.png


A Tannery in Tuscany – ‘A sensory summary of tanning suede.’

Tent in Tanzania – ‘An aromatic visualisation of firewood.’ 

A Violin Atelier – ‘A connection with woods, tools and inks inside a violin atelier.’

Budapest – ‘A discovery of copper in Budapest architecture.’

Printer’s Ink – ‘A fragrance for paper and luggage with borrowings from a heritage printer in central UK.’

Esfahan – ‘An Iranian borrowing of Assam oudh and crushed saffron.’

Date Market in Tunis – ‘A warming stroll through the contrast of spices and dates in a Tunisian market.’

Roofs of Beni Isguen – ‘A walk through alleyways of the roofless North African town of Beni Isguen.’

Asni Village – ‘A barefoot walk through the rivers, mud and the soil of High Atlas mountains.’

Tenere Desert – ‘An isolated trek across the South Central Saharan desert land.’

Svalbard – ‘An ode to concrete corridors of Svalbard Seed Vault in the Arctic.’

Tibet – ‘A humble selflessness amongst the sands, rocks and gusts of Tibet.’

As you can see from the description, the fragrances seem to want to evoke the same kind of feelings and thoughts like other cult brands, such as Byredo for example. This is a good call, as bloggers and instagrammers are all for it.

I do not agree with trying to manipulate the customer, but let’s be honest, we all enjoy it and as a business strategist I cannot condemn it. Being honest it is really important for me, but then again I am sure I will like the collection and not because it does what others are doing, but because the products will probably be good as otherwise the brand will only end up in more trouble than it already is.

I am sure you’ve heard all about one of the co-founders leaving the company which as you can imagine has many implications, mainly, it makes the shareholders angry and that is bad. On the other hand, brands like this grow on popularity and publicity and to some, no publicity is bad publicity so we will just have to wait and see. With powerhouses like Estee Lauder being involved, the brand will have to find a way to pull through any issues it might be facing. Anyway, enough with the  boring business talk, let’s go back to how awesome it is that this new collection will launch later this year!

Are you excited? I am!

*sorry for the over excited and maybe at times anxious writing. I am preparing to sit my last exam, probably ever.



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