Girl Boss Must Have: Spacemask


If you are like me and spend all your time in front of a screen then you must buy yourself a space mask. I have seen the cute packaging here and there for the past few months and was tempted to pick them up in Liberty back in November, but did not. Eventually, I got one mask when I wanted to get the Harvey Nichols Spring 2018 goodie bag, but still did not research the product whatsoever. I went into it blind so to speak.


Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and opened the mask once I stumbled upon it in one of my daily tidy ups sessions. I only tidy up as often because clutter makes it hard for me to sleep, but also because I need to get up form my desk and move around. Tidying up is a productive way to stay away from my computer! Anyway, I was dealing with quite the headache and I decided to give the mask a try. I honestly expected a sheet mask, but instead I found an eye mask that is almost like an eye mask that you use to sleep with just one that is not made of silk. Like I said, I had no idea what the product actually was. I only got it because of the packaging but also because I was upset because I could not get my hands on some other type of space masks and only found out about them once I was back in Europe and sadly, the EU does not allow the substances used in said masks to enter the union so yeah. Regardless of my useless rambling, the eye mask was the best ever product I had the luck to stumble upon.

Why do you need a Spacemask? 

The Spacemask relieves some of the pressure from your eyes through its heat as well as the time you spend with your eyes shut. It is pure heaven, I am telling you, pure heaven. I even felt like something was lifting, like a mild magnet attraction sort of thing, but that I cannot explain just yet. I must try the mask again. Definitely good first impressions though. My eyes only feel as rested after a long night of good sleep and this mask can help you achieve the same result in only 15 minutes.


Don’t get me wrong, the Spacemask is not a replacement for sleep, but if you spent your entire day at your desk and still have some more work to do or you have an important meeting to do go then this is the product for you. It will give you the extra strength to survive the week as well as make your undereye bags go away.

Would I repurchase? 

YES, YES, YES! There is no doubt in my mind that I will repurchase this product over and over again for as long as it still does what it says on the box. The reason I have not done so already is due to the fact that I made quite a lot of purchases already and also booked myself a birthday trip so I will wait till June to get my Rewards voucher from HN first and cover some of the cost.

The Spacemask is a product that every girl boss needs in her life. Trust me on this one! It also smells nice as the jasmine covers most of the iron in it which is what it makes it provide the heat. Anyway, have a look at the back of the mask pouch for all directions and info.

A single mask retails at £3.50 and a box of 5 is £15.00

Are you curious to try a Spacemask?



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