Is Pink Parcel worth it?


Maybe it is worth giving a try. Just kidding! The Pink Parcel is actually a pretty great subscription box. I had the chance to try it out for the first time this May and I have no idea why I haven’t done it before. Sure, I was tempted, but since they do not really carry the types of pads I tend to use, I did not see the point.

I should have led with that no? For those of you who are not aware, the Pink Parcel as the name probably suggests is a monthly subscription box that makes that time of the month a bit more bearable, or at least it tries.


The box comes with a choice of tampons and pads some for you to use now and some for later, but also some beauty products and some treats to brighten your day.

The contents are not much and perhaps not as spectacular as those of other subscription boxes, but it is a nice idea. What I love most about the box is that it includes a variety of beauty, but also treats so you get the chance to try out more than just beauty products. Furthermore, you get pads and tampons as well or just one of the two, your choice! However, the best part is the fact that they also give you an envelope in which you can send back any tampons and pads that you do not need which they then donate to charities. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to buy the box.


So I haven’t tried the pads nor the tampons yet, but they are from reputable brands such as Tampax and Always so they should be okay. And as for the beauty, there are some well known brands and some lesser known ones, but some of the beauty products are organic which I am really happy about.

The number of pads included was high – around 12, I think and the same goes for tampons.


The hand cream from Naobay is pretty great, well at least it left a good first impression. Most Naobay products I tried so far are really good.

The Anatomicals shower gel sachet I have yet to try, but I do not have high hopes. Don’t get me wrong, the brand is pretty cool, but I haven’t really got along with their products beyond marketing as in I love their marketing and packaging and stuff, but the products have been a bit of a let down.

There was also a soap bar from Dr Botanicals which is a brand that I have tried before, in fact I am currently using it so I am more than open to give this soap bar a try, however I am not sure about the scent. I have another soap bar from them that smells 100x better and I am more open to use that one. I respect that some people do not like fragrances, but I am incredibly sensitive to scents so for me there needs to be a nice scent or no scent at all. The coconut oil bar has a funny scent that I struggle to get behind.

In the box there was also a eye pencil which I did not even see at first, actually it took me a while to see it which is why it does not show in any other photo other than the first one. But that is not that big of a deal as the pencil is simply the first one I tried lately. The colour was a brown-gold one and it would have been great, but the pencil is so hard that I struggled to swatch it on the back of my hand so I was not going to try my lower lash line. Sorry, if you do want more details I can and I just might do a full review. The same goes for the other products, just let me know.


There was also a sample face mask that I look forward to trying. I am a huge fan of face masks and later have been going through them like crazy! In addition to the beauty product, there were also some treats which I mentioned before.

In the box, I found a sachet of Drink me Chai which I have seen before, I have owned before but never tried. It is not super amazing or anything, but it is great. While I prefer to prepare my own, this is very convenient and easy to prepare. I will definitely repurchase and review it in more detail then.

Last, but not least there was a small Conscious dark chocolate which was the cherry on top of the cake. I hate dark chocolate, really hate it regardless of the brand. I tried some of the best chocolate brands before and still the chocolate was horrible. However, this was surprising. I did not love it or anything of the sorts, but I managed to eat it. For me that is something, especially since I have been trying a diet that requires for me to eat dark chocolate every once in a while and totally failed because I could not deal with the chocolate. Really, that was the only reason! Anyway, I might just give it another try with Conscious chocloate and of course I will make sure to buy other types of chocolate from them.

This was the May box, but it will be my last for a while. The service overall is okay, it was nice for a change to try something new, but I am not sure if the box is really for me. I mean I did not feel the same excitement as when I get some of my other boxes. It is definitely a box to try maybe a few times per year and it is worth the money, but the excitement is missing.

The prices start from £11 plus delivery.

What do you think of Pink Parcel? Is it worth it for you?




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