Spend £40 and get a beauty box for £15 with Marks & Spencer Beauty

So excited! Too bad that there are so many promotions running at the same time. This means I need to choose and I am so bad, but oh so bad at making choices. I booked myself a birthday trip so that means I cannot spend whatever I want to as I need to check out German beauty stores after all. I know, I cannot help myself haha. Anyway, this is actually one of my favourite boxes of the year.

Marks & Spencer beauty is amazing no matter what people say. Really, it is really good, but I do admit there isn’t as much variety. However, if you dig deep you will find some gems that are so hard to come by in other stores. Too bad they are not more careful when it comes to trends and marketing. They could do wonders! That is M&S for you though, no matter what, they will never manage to cater to the right audience and that is how big brands ultimately die. Hopefully that will not happen to M&S for a while though as I do love the brand, but whether beauty or something else, you need to search till you find something.

The M&S beauty boxes are pretty good so I do recommend you get this one. They offer amazing value at affordable prices. Furthermore, usually it is really easy to make a £40 purchase from Beauty, Clothing or Homeware. I do have to admit that this year I struggled a bit more than expected.  Again, remember to keep on searching as you will definitely find something.

What does the box contain?

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 14.11.06Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 14.11.16Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 14.11.26Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 14.11.36

The collection is pretty neat, no? Personally, I haven’t really tried many of these exact products, but have used products from the brands or even from the same range. The eos lip balm is pretty good for daily use, but it is not the most hydrating balm there is. The Works pillow spray is okay as well, not my favourite scent, but it is nice and guests often compliment the use of it.

The Philip Kingsley elasticizer is amazing and I use it every week, but not this exact one. I use the classic. Leighton Denny nail polishes are really good and they do not chip easily, not as easy as some other well known brands anyway and this is coming from someone who sticks their hands in everything, not quite everything so don’t let your imagination run wild. But yeah, I type a lot and work with my hands so nail polish is usually not for me.

The other products I haven’t used before so I am excited to try them and then tell you all about them.

Overall, this is a good offer and incredibly affordable. I definitely recommend you give this one a try. I have never been disappointed with M&S beauty. Just think of the fact that you pay £15 pounds for products worth over £130.

Get your M&S Summer Beauty Box here.

Photo credits: Marks & Spencer.


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