What you need to know about ordering from ColourPop in the UK


You have probably seen many services advertising parcel forwarding and at some point you might have even considered taking this route. I sure have, especially once ColourPop eh, well popped up. I did not do it and I hope you haven’t either. So do not worry this is not a post about how you can use a parcel forwarding service to get your hands on some of the most desired products out there.


This is not really new anymore, but now you can order directly from ColourPop if you wish to get your hands on their products. There is nothing easier to do. You no longer have to worry about paying huge fees or about your parcel getting lost from being handled by too many parties. Nope, those days are long gone. All you need to do in order to get your hands on ColourPop is to go onto their website, choose the products you want and then place the order. If you spend 50 USD then the delivery fee is free (this is so easy to do and it is not even worth ordering if you spend less – customs handling fee!)

After placing the order, the wait begins. But again do not worry, there is not too much of a wait. For example, I placed my order on the last day of May and I already got the chance to play around with the products today, the 15 of June.

I received my parcel in 2 weeks after it traveled from the US via UPS, after an attempted delivery, a retrieval of the custom fee slip and a redelivery. This was in London though, but probably the timing is more or less the same elsewhere as well.

See, like I said simple.


I know the only drawback is paying the custom fees, but if you find a few friends to order with, it is a bit better. Of course not the actual VAT you need to pay, but the Royalmail handling fee can be divided among you, but even if you order by yourself like I did, the fee is more than okay. I paid 18 pounds in total for a 68 USD order. That is reasonable, especially since 8 pounds was the handling fee.

You no longer have an excuse not to place an order if you really want to get your hands on some amazing ColourPop goodies. Furthermore, there is no better time than the present since their no filter foundation just came out.

As for what I actually got, stay tuned. Reviews will follow.



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  1. Thanks for the helpful post! xx


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