Try the latest Cult Beauty brand -DISCIPLE SKINCARE- and save $$$


Cult Beauty is known for releasing amazing new products every single month. This month is no exception and their latest products are some I wanted to try for a little while now. You know how it is when it comes to instagram photos, right? I am surely not the only one who wants to try the new thing in beauty once it pops up everywhere.

I cannot yet comment on the quality of the products and whether they truly work as I haven’t tried them myself. I just placed an order and I decided to tell you as well all about how you can save money shopping the brand. CB has an amazing offer going on at the moment, but you can also get all your products for less. Read below how.

So first of all, since Disciple Skincare is a new brand, Cult Beauty is offering a gift with purchase when shopping the brand. The gift in question is a full size Balancing Mist worth £12. This means that with a purchase over £30 you get your hands on one of the three products that the CB carries.

The other products that you can purchase are the Good Skin Face Oil and the Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil. One is supposedly good for acne while the other is good for anti ageing. The Good Skin Face Oil is a 20ml bottle and it costs £21 and the Dreamy Skin Oil is also 20ml and it costs £32. You might wonder why I felt the need to mention this in so much detail. Well, Cult Beauty also carries a discovery kit which has a 10ml bottle of each of the two products and the kit is £17. *light bulb moment

Credit: Cult Beauty

So if you purchase 2 kits then for £34 you get both the Dreamy Skin and the Good Skin Oil – 2*10ml of each – as well as the Balancing Mist (while offer lasts). You get a complete set of the products from this brand. That might of course not be something you are interested in, but in case you are, here you have it. Simple maths saves the day and who said we are never going to use it in real life?

Enjoy your new goodies. I know I will.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. miki says:

    i will past on this one ^^


    1. Nana says:

      sorry to hear that, of course unless you have no need for the products and their benefits. But I do think these are less commercial brands and worth a try.


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