Don’t let others stop you from achieving your goals

While I have known that I wanted to take over the world ever since I was a kid in blush suede boots, it was not always easy. It still isn’t. Being yourself and especially being someone who has many goals to achieve makes a lot of people jealous and that jealously sometimes leads to them acting out. When you are young, that can came across as incredibly painful. It is hard to accept that someone else does not accept you the way you are and tries to force you to became like them only because you have goals and they are too busy trying out foolish things that they are too young for.

You might not believe you mom or your older sibling, but then believe me and believe us. We have been there and we know what we are talking about. Standing up for yourself and fighting for what you believe in even when you are at that tender age is important. It can hurt like hell. I am not making this easy nor appealing, am I? Well, it is not and that is the truth. It is incredibly difficult to resist the temptation to follow others, especially when you are excluded from a group. However, you will regret it deeply if you decide to go down that route. You know why? One, because you risk loosing yourself, but also because things won’t change when you grow older.

It is not easy to hear, but even as a 20 something year old, there will still be people who hate your guts and try to force you to became someone you are not. You are special and you do not need to be like everyone else. I mean that. Each and every once is unique in our own way and that individuality should not be something to pull us apart. Just the other day I found myself realising that one of the people closest to me did not appreciate me for who I am. Being a go-getter can sometimes be lonely, but it should not have to be. As long as we support each other and try to understand the differences between us, we should all be able to get along. Just because you or your friend have big goals life,  that should not mean you can no longer be friends. Try to be understanding and support each other instead. However, be prepared that the road to the top can be very lonely and paved with a lot of heartache , but that should not stop you. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Furthermore, always remember that there are many of us out there who are more than willing to support you and cheer you on. I am trying to be one of those people (some would say, trying too hard), however my point is that you can always reach out to me whether you want to talk about life or about how to go about making your dreams of owning a business a reality one day. Go get them, girl!

In the words of Rhianna, “shine bright like a diamond” for you are worth it and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.




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