Wet n Wild is finally in the UK thanks to Beauty Bay

I cannot believe it is finally here! Just to think that a few months ago I begged my friend to bring me some of Wet n Wild goodies from her trip to California and was super disappointed when was unable to do so. That would have not been my first interaction with the brand, but that is exactly why I wanted some of their products so badly.

Beauty Bay wet n wild launch

Luckily, Wet n Wild officially launched in the United Kingdom this morning! Beauty Bay is currently the only stockist, but that was to be expected. Beauty Bay always has the best products around, especially those at very affordable prices and from brands that are not easily available on this side of the pond. Thank you so much Beauty Bay! Thank you from all my heart.

This is just a quick note to let you know about this exciting launch, but stayed tuned. The product reviews will be up soon. The moment I received the email notification, I went onto Beauty Bay’s app and placed my order. The products are not some I have used before so I do not wish to comment on their quality just yet, but I do have high expectations. Now all there is left is to wait for the order to arrive (hopefully by the end of the week haha). The Beauty Bay standard delivery is pretty quick so fingers crossed.

Sneak peak at what I purchased:

This is just to give you an indication of the prices, but keep in mind that a 10% student discount was applied. But still, the prices are very affordable. I am really happy to see that the prices in GBP are not significantly different from the ones in USD. Usually when products are launched on this side of the Atlantic, the prices can be a bit higher than expected, but that is not the case here :).

Argh, I am so excited! Do let me know what you wish me to review first! 

Cover photo credit: Beauty Bay.


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