The hardest thing I had to do for my future self



Putting yourself out there is the best way to grow and to regain your confidence. I for one, definitely need to do that a lot more, as in recent months I have been withdrawing more and more into myself and not letting people in the way I used to.

Growing up, I was incredibly outgoing and would get along with everyone. In a way I was fearless even though the grown up version of me would say stupid. The truth is that I did not know any better. But then something changed and having to go through all of those things changed me. I thought that going away from university, moving to a different country where I could stat over would be, well, a new start, but that was not the case. Anyway, this post is not about my sad past. Truth is that most of the things I am struggling with are of my own doing. I chose to be comfortable rather than put myself out there and fight to regain my spirit.

However, now it is time for that to change. I am tired of living my life in the shadow and letting fear, fate as well as other people take more away from me than they already have.  It is time for me to stop hiding and let whatever needs to happen happen. This is my advice for all of you, don’t let fear of loosing, of making a mistake, of something bad happening stop you from living.

Despite the fact that I have been blogging ever since 2011 on a more permanent basis and running other people’s blogs as well as helping female entrepreneurs start their own businesses, expressing my opinions in a more formal environment is something I rarely do. I would rather be the person in the corner than the one speaking in front of hundreds of world renowned members of academia and telling them how to improve their teaching. Oh wait, that was me years ago. However, now I would not even dream about doing that!

Establishing my authority in a field, any field is freaking terrifying. But as a first step towards getting over that fear as well as putting myself out there, giving people access to more than just my reviews but also to my opinions and thoughts, I published my first ever article on Medium.

Publishing on Medium was not easy, even today, a day later, I am still trying to decide whether it was the right choice, but I choose to ignore the voice in my head that is telling me to pull off the article. Now all there is left is to hope that this won’t come back and bite me..

Read my Medium article here.

Is it worth pursuing a business idea that has been done before?

*Let me know what you think!

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