How to shop the Drunk Elephant skincare range in the UK

If you have been online in the past couple of days or at least checked your email, then you probably know that Drunk Elephant landed in the UK. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I read it on Grazia online months ago and I cannot believe the much coveted brand is finally here.

What you need to know about Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is a cruelty free US brand that played an important role in revolutionising the beauty industry. It did! The brand has not been around that long, however it definitely made a huge impact on customer expectations when it comes to beauty products. Drunk Elephant, due to its growth and impressive branding, glamorised cruelty free products and as such, more market players tried to replicate their success and brought many more cruelty free products onto the market. Our skin is definitely grateful for that! However, Drunk Elephant is not only a cruelty free brand, but it also carefully selects the substances it chooses to include in its lines. You will not find toxic substances in any of the Drunk Elephant products so you can rest assured that the brand truly cares about the health of your skin as well as that of your organism. Okay, I am going to stop now as my scientific roots are starting to show a tad too much. Okay, so now that you have familiarised yourself with this incredible skincare brand, let’s talk about the most important part, its launch in the UK.
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Drunk Elephant launched in the UK on October 3rd

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here and today, October 3rd, Drunk Elephant finally launched din the UK. This is important for many reasons, one of which is the increased influx of American brands crossing the Atlantic, but also the brand’s products. In the past, I have used almost all of Drunk Elephant’s products and they are pretty great. I only used some minis, but during those few weeks, my skin improved considerably. However, I am not going to discuss it in more details here as I plan on reviewing the full size products as I go through each of them. First impressions, if we can call them that, were really good!

Where can you buy Drunk Elephant in the UK?

Drunk Elephant is now available in the UK at both Cult Beauty and Space.NK Apothecary.

Where should you buy Drunk Elephant from?

Both Cult Beauty and Space.NK are pretty great shops and I do tend to get products from them quite frequently, however on this occasion I have to recommend one over the other. If you want to buy anything from Drunk Elephant right away then I would say to go for SpaceNK. I know that might come as a shock as I usually go for Cult Beauty, however I have my reasons which I am going to share with you right here. Drunk Elephant products are not the most affordable ones and as great as are, they might not be for every one of you. Sadly, at this time Cult Beauty does not have a physical store so there is no way to test the products. Another reason to get the Drunk Elephant products from SpaceNK  if you are not planning on waiting is that SpaceNK, unlike Cult Beauty, has a reward system which is free to sign up for. The program is called N.Dulge and you get a birthday gift as well as a £5 voucher for every £100 you spend. You do not need to spend that much in one transaction, it adds up. Considering the price of the Drunk Elephant products, you can easily get your voucher in just one transaction. Even if you do not, you gain points for a later date. However, if you plan on waiting a bit longer to shop the Drunk Elephant range, then either one of the two shops is fair game. If you do wait, then wait until Cult Beauty releases its latest goodie bag or Space.NK does as well. Of course, the benefits of the rewards program at SpaceNK will still be there, but it comes down to who has the best gift with purchase. Personally, I prefer waiting as a gift worth £££ is worth the wait. Please note that both stores released their latest goodie bags in September so it might be a couple of months until they release another one. Hope this article helped you at least a bit, but no matter what you decide I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing with these crazy, amazing beauty products from Drunk Elephant. As far as I saw, the only product you will not be able to buy from the UK is the TLC Babyfacial, but you still have a lot of goodies to play with. Let me know what you decide! 

Which Drunk Elephant product are you most curious to try?

*This does not contain any affiliate links. Also note that I think that both Cult Beauty and SpaceNK are amazing and I am happy to shop at either one in general. I don’t have anything against any of these shops, nor am I am trying to convince you to go for one over the other. I am just trying to point out the benefits. **Originally posted on

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