Space.NK: Party Piece Gift with Purchase

If you know me at all and by now you probably do, then you know that I love a good gift with purchase. In fact, I love gifts with purchase more than I do beauty advent calendars as to me they seem to provide more value. For this reason, I am super excited to let you know that Space.NK released their annual gift with purchase crackers which are simply amazing given the season.

What does the Space.NK party piece gift include?

The Space.NK Party Piece gift with purchase includes a £25 voucher and that is great as you can then get something you enjoyed from the gift in full size and not feel super guilty about it. Compared to last year though, you only get half the value, but it is still pretty generous. There is also a pretty generous product from Algenist which is a great brand that I cannot help but love. As for the other two products here, I cannot make any comment yet as I have yet to try them, but they are on my list as I recently received them.
Then you have another 4 products that seem very promising. Surprisingly, I have not tried any of them which says a lot actually about the gift itself. These are products that I have not seen in any other gift with purchase nor in any of the beauty advent calendars which says a lot.
Then there is a great candle from Diptyque. I really like the candles from the brand and this is no exception. There is also an eye cream from Dr Dennis Gross which is pretty good, but not my favourite. However, the brand has only high quality  products so you will probably love it. It comes as a surprise, but there is also a Drunk Elephant products which is the big release of the season. Plus, an Emma Hardie priming cream that I am sure is pretty good as the brand has yet to let me down.
In addition, there are another 4 products from great brands, including one from Herbivore Botanicals. I am super happy to see the last one actually as I heard so many things and wanted to try it for a while. Herbivore Botanicals is a huge Insta brand that is exclusively sold at Space.NK as far as I know.
Okay, if you are not convinced by now, then this should do the trick! Hourglass and Kevyn Aucoin!!! Argh, this is so amazing and then you have the iconic powder from Laura Geller. Seriously, this space.NK party piece gift with purchase rocks!
In addition to the above the gift also contains an iconic lipstick from one of the best lip brands out there – the Frog Price from Lipstick Queen. This is a product that chances accordingly to your ph. Sadly, I am not familiar with the rest of the products, but the brands are really good once again. This is the gift that keep on giving!
Really happy to see Omorovicza included in the gift. Omorovicza is like the best skincare brands there is an no gift is ever complete without it. Then there is Oribe which personally I have yet to get along with and of course, Ouai which I adore. I wish I could tell you about Revive, but this is the first time I came across it.
Okay, I cannot do it anymore. You just have to find out by yourself how amazing these last four products are.

What else you need to know about Space.NK’s Party Piece gift?

So I hope that I haven’t tempted you too much. In order to qualify for the gift you need to spend a whooping £300. That is quite a lot. Personally, I have never seen a gift that required such a spend. The max I have ever seen was £250. And the other shoe drops… However, the gift is worth over £500 which is a lot as well. So you get 500 plus the value of the products you buy. Which makes the gift worth it when compared to the beauty advent calendar that Space.NK offers. Also, compared to the calendar, the products are not the same even is some of the same brands were included. I guess this is a way to avoid cannibalising the sales of the calendar. This could also explain the higher purchase spend required to qualify for the offer. Overall, I would go for the gift rather than the calendar. Especially since Space.NK carries the IGK hair care range which is the best thing that happened to my hair routine so I would rather get lots of goodies plus products I know that I love and want for almost the same amount of money. Plus, the value is also more or less the same. At this time though, I am not going to make this spend as it is quite a lot, especially after all the purchases I made recently, but I do hope that some of you will. Trust me, the products are really worth it and this is an amazing gift for this Christmas season.
*no affiliate links have been used. **photo credits: Space.NK

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