LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

I know I just posted about the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar this morning, but since tomorrow is the 1st of December I thought I should get this one out of the way as well. By posting my first impressions of the LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar today, I can get into reviewing each product without having to worry about this. You know what I mean..

This is not my first LookFantastic beauty advent calendar so just like with the Liberty one, I have a few comments first.

The 2017 calendar had a pretty inspired design and it was like a box with several drawers which is super helpful even to this day. I have been using it to group my makeup products and it makes me feel better about the huge amount of paper used. The 2018 LookFantastic beauty advent calendar is not as useful, but still pretty good looking. This one compared to the 2017 one will probably end up in recycling though.

As for the products, the value is higher than its cost and LookFantastic did not increase the price as far as I remember. This was hugely appreciated, but then again, they also did not improve on the quality. There are a few impressive brands which I am looking forward to review for all of you, but there are also some that deeply disappointed me in the past. However, please keep in mind that these are my first impressions so the official reviews might be different. Who knows? I might change my mind once I get to use the products enough times.

In any case, regardless of what I might feel about the products at this time, I will always post unbiased reviews, always!

Overall, the calendar is pretty okay, but not overly impressive. We will see.

Are you excited for December?

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