Top 10 most read articles in 2018


Since I only started this blog last January, there is no way to compare the stats for 2018 with anything else really. And another disclaimer I need to make before getting to the best part of this article is that this top 10 of must read articles does not include the gift with purchase articles. Those articles are not evergreen and there would be no point in bringing them up now. Hope you enjoy this short review of the best articles from 2018.

Skin Laundry – Skin Purifying Cream Review

First we have a review of the Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser from Skin Laundry. In a way I am surprised to see that this is the most popular article, besides the gwp. The reason for that is because this was the first article I posted on this blog so at the time there were not as many people aware of this blog. However, on the other hand it kinda makes sense. Skin Laundry often features as a must buy from brand so it is bound for there to be a bit of curiosity surrounding the products.

NYX #thisiseverything lip loving balm

The second most read article in 2018 is the review of the potted balm from NYX Cosmetics. This is a balm I am still reaching for from time to time :). If you haven’t read anything about it yet, I suggest you do check out the article as you might wanna give the balm a try as well.

Make your own fragrance with this kit

Now, this I did not see coming. It seems that the third most popular post from last year is the review of a kit that allows you to make your own fragrance. The idea is pretty cool and it makes for a great gift. My attempt at making a fragrance was pretty successful if I say so myself. I might not be wearing the fragrance I made, even though I used the ingredients I like in the scents I wear, but my mother loves it.

The Solution by Glossier

Then, on the 4th place we have the Solution from Glossier. This is pretty understandable as the Solution was quite the controversial product and Glossier is a brand that everyone seems to be obsessed with. I do wonder how much other people actually love it and how much is just hype.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Another article that you loved is the review of a liquid lipstick from Stila. I honestly have no idea what happened to this lippie or even if I still have it. I kinda switched to creamy and glossy and am planning to stick to those.

Althea Korea – Authentic Korean Beauty

The 6th most read article is the review of a Korean skincare shop that delivers all over the world (more or less). I loved writing this article, even though it took me longer than it should have, but the products from the shop were so good and they felt much nicer than any other ones I purchased from other sources. Do check it if you wish to buy original Korean beauty.

How to shop from ELF

It seems that you love shopping, not that I blame you. I am a shopaholic and that is something I don’t think will ever change, not matter how many times I might put it down as a resolution. If you love affordable beauty then you must check out this article as it is full of tips and tricks on how you can get your hands on such products and get even more value for your money.

How to control your beauty spend

If your resolution for 2019 is to control how much money you spend on beauty or otherwise, then you should definitely check out this article. This is the method I used to control my beauty spending after I spent more than 4000 GBP on beauty in just one year. The method works, but only if you do!

Glossier’s Stretch Concealer might just be the best concealer on the market

The 9th most read article from 2018 is one about a brand that made another appearance on this list and that is Glossier. Glossier does seem to be pretty popular, but then again how could it not with such amazing marketing? However, on this occasion I get it. The Stretch Concealer is the only concealer I kept from my entire stash.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

And the last article on this most read list is one about a clay mask from an Australian brand. This mask is something else entirely and pretty different from any other clay mask on the market that I tried until now. Yous should check it out if the typical clay masks are not your thing.


I hope you enjoyed this short review of the most read articles from 2010. Do let me know which one caught your attention the most.



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