Foreo Luna Play First Impressions


I am probably the last person on Earth who tried any of the Foreo products, but it finally happened.


Most of you probably know the famous Foreo Luna cleansing devices, however you might not be as familiar with the Foreo Luna Play. Foreo Luna Play is similar to the previously mentioned devices, but it is a non chargeable device so once you run out of battery, that is it. It does not sound great, does it?

Well, it is not that bad and it is not a disadvantage. Shocking, right? This device is meant to be a travel version of the full sized version, but also a way to get a feel for the range at an affordable price. That is right, the Foreo Luna Play is at least 5 times cheaper than its bigger sisters.

The product comes in different colours, personally I currently have two in my possession, the one pictured and a lighter pink one.

foreo foreo foreo

The Foreo Luna Play is a simple device and it is super easy to use. It has a button at the back which you need to press in order for the device to start vibrating. The moment you release the button, the vibrations stop. It is easy, but it is easier when you are not actually using it. The moment you apply the cleanser and your hand is wet, it might be tricky to hold down the button.

The entire device is made of silicone so it does not slip easily from one’s hands, but personally I found it difficult to hold down the button due to the small size of the device. This makes it easier to drop. Luckily, you can always wash it and you are good to go again. The material from which is made is said to prevent bacteria from gathering on the surface of the device.

I have never been tempted to try the Foreo range before, but after trying out the Luna Play, I want to see more. I guess that is the entire idea behind the small device. I haven’t seen any significant differences to my skin after I introduced the device into my skincare routine, but I like the feel of it. You might think I am crazy and I probably am. I am curious to try out the bigger sized devices and see whether they truly help in the way they claim to, but I would not recommend doing the same.

It is up to you whether you think the investment is worth it. When it comes to this device, it is a personal choice whether you feel like it will truly add something to the routine or it is just and extra thing to put inside your bathroom cupboard.

Have you tried any of the Foreo devices ?

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