Patisserie de Bain Hand Cream

One can never have too many hand creams, especially in this cold weather! For this reason, I decided to try a new hand cream which is the Patisserie de Bain hand cream with a lemony fragrance.

I won’t comment on the fragrance too much as lemon and citrusy smells are really not my thing, but despite my dislike for the scent, it was more than bearable. I know this is definitely not what one might want to read when it comes to a product they are interested in, but keep in mind that tastes differ from one person to another.

patisserie de bain

The hand cream itself is pretty strange to be honest. It is not a lotion, but it does not feel like a cream or butter either. Okay, maybe butter, but not smooth butter. It is like something you might find in the a baker’s kitchen. It is some sort of floury butter. Hope that description did not put you off. It shouldn’t! It is not a bad thing, but I have no other way to describe it. In all truth, the hand cream from Patisserie de Bain feels pretty nice on the skin, but it is definitely a lot different from other hand products.

After applying it all over, something that is not as easy to do as it would be with a an actual cream or lotion, you will feel that your hands are a bit sticky. However, in a few seconds the feeling will disappear and you will be left with velvety hands and that is pretty neat.

Overall, I found the Patisserie de Bain hand cream to be a fun product to use and I like the fact that I can use it and immediately after start typing like I usually do. Most hand creams need more time to fully dry out and sometimes even leave some greasy residues which makes typing a no no.  Patisserie de Bain hand creams are definitely products I can see myself trying again. However, I still prefer the OMSMediCosmetics hand treatment, but this Patisserie one is significantly cheaper.

Have you ever tried Patisserie de Bain products? Which ones did you like?

Do you have a favourite hand cream?

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  1. miki says:

    i love a natural one mde with monkey milk


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