Milk Makeup Free Gift with Purchase UK


As you probably heard, Milk Makeup has finally made its way to the UK. The iconic products from the vegan friendly brand have been made available online for UK and Ireland based shoppers. I am sure that you are as excited as I am to stock up on their products, but I am going to give you yet another reason not to wait to do so.

Cult Beauty, the online retailer that brought us Milk Makeup, is currently running an offer for the vegan friendly brand. If you make a purchase of at least £40 you can get your hands on a small goodie bag that contains three of the brand’s bestselling products.

If you spend 40 pounds you can get your hands on this beauty:

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 14.57.02.png

I could not find any details about the exact shades of the products or the products themselves, but there is a mascara for sure included. The other two products I would say are a blusher and a bronzer or a highlighter. It is pretty hard to tell, but personally I don’t care either way. It still gives us a chance to try something from the brand for free.

I know that the goodie bag offered online is not as good as the one they had in store nor are they offering the bag of minis for sale which would have been amazing, but it is still better than nothing for those of us who could not visit the pop up.

If you are planning on purchasing something from Milk Makeup I recommend going for this offer, but do not buy all the products you wish to get right away. Get two or three products that are enough to meet the minimum and then wait a while. Why?

You will get to test the products and see whether you actually like them and if the brand is worth the money. Sure you could end up with two products that are not for you, but at least your expectation would not be as high the next time. But if we were to focus on the positives, the reason to wait before purchasing the rest of the products you really want to try is because Cult Beauty might have a huge gift with purchase in the future. They usually had one every three months and the last one was in November if I am not mistaken. Just food for thought.

There is a bit of speculation here, but I never regretted doing the above in the past. It worked and I got more value for my money.

This is what my cart looked like, if you are curious:

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 14.47.15.png

One of the products that I got is not exactly one that was on my list for first buys, but I chose it instead as I found it intriguing, plus it brought my total down to 41 pounds. For those of you who haven’t read my first post that products is the Cooling Water stick.

I am looking forward to try these our and I will make sure to let you know what I think. It might take a while though.

Remember that if you want to take advance of the gift with purchase form Milk Makeup you need to hurry as there are only limited numbers available and there are many people already wanting it.

Photo credits: Cult Beauty

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