Milk Makeup: Watermelon Brightening Face Mask

I received my Cut Beauty parcel weeks ago. I could not help myself and ordered some goodies the same day the brand became available online. However, I wanted to wait a short while so that I could properly test the products. I hope you don’t mind!

So the Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask is not the first product that I used from the brand, but the other ones are no longer available on the official website so I could not decide whether to review them or not. Now, I just might. Honestly, I thought that the products were removed because they were no longer popular or because the brand decided to go all vegan and thus made some changes to their product line, but now I have some doubts. Let me tell you why.

Well, the Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Mask is really popular and has a ton of positive reviews, but I did not think it was anything special.

Milk Makeup Brightening mask stick .jpg

Sure, the Brightening Mask comes in the stick format that Milk Makeup is known for. That is really cool to be honest. The stick is also just the right size. You might think that you do not get enough product for the money, but actually the amount of product is just enough. Also, the stick might seem big when it comes to applying it around the nose area, but actually it is not. You can really cover all your face with ease so for that I must applaud Milk Makeup. It is not easy to get it right, if it were, then more brands would do it.

Another thing that I loved about the product is how nice it feels on the skin compared to other clay masks. If you are a fan of clay masks then you know how hard they can become once dried, as well as how difficult it is to remove them. That is not the case for the Watermelon Brightening Mask from Milk Makeup.

Milk Makeup Clay Mask.jpg

Milk Makeup swatch clay mask.jpg

However, the is kinda where all the nice things I have to say about the product stop. The so called Watermelon Brightening mask from Milk Makeup does not smell of Watermelon at all. I cannot even say that the scent is all that nice, but luckily it is not very strong so there is that.

As for the effects, I haven’t seen too much brightening. I am not saying there isn’t any. There is a bit of brightening effect going on after application, but it does not last. However, I don’t think it is worth it.

The reason why I don’t think it is worth any brightening you might get from this product is because it made me break out. I do have cystic acne, but even that never looked as bad as the irritated pores I got from using this product. I simply could not believe it. I never reacted so bad to a product before. If I were to guess, I would say that it is the Stearic Acid that is used as a thickener. Not cool in any case!

Overall, I was super excited to try the product, but I don’t think I will continue to use it. I might give it a try in a few months to see whether I react the same way, but since I am still struggling with the irritated spots that I got from using it just now, I cannot recommend this product. Some of you might like it, do let me know if that is the case, but given my experience, I say pass.

If you do want to try the Milk Makeup range, now is the time. Cult Beauty has an amazing gift with purchase offer going on at the moment.



  1. ngotang129

    Great post!

    I was just wondering if you try looking to the ingredients lists of your favourite blush (that don’t cause you irritations) and see what change?

    Am interested for an update!

    P/S: Recently, I have tried to stay away from fragrance (in products) as much as I can – esp with my reactive skin type – and it has helped so much (thanks to Dr. Dray on YouTube, she is great at skincare education and exposing brands with their ingredients). I think the scents-infused products are interesting from a sales point of view but brands do forget to mention to their customers that some can be sensitive with fragrance (both synthetic and natural) – or an overdose of fragrance over time can lead to a allergic reaction to it.

    1. Nana

      I never wear blush, but I am not sure what it has to do with this? Can you provide more details? Also, I never reacted from any blushes I tried in the past. I rarely react to products in general that is why this was such a shock.

      1. Nana

        haha okay. Well as stated in the article, Stearic Acid is not commonly in my face masks as they are not typically in stick format.

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