Fabled by Marie Claire £200 Gift with Purchase


I don’t often shop at Fabled by Marie Claire so I don’t have much to say about the store itself. I know they have an amazing retail space on Tottenham Court Road in London and they often host pretty interesting events/shopping parties but I never actually managed to make it to one. The hours were just not suitable for me.

When it comes to my shopping experience, all my shopping was done online. I haven’t ordered often from them as I did not see anything that I could not find elsewhere, but they had some pretty good offers over the years so why buy from somewhere else when you can get your stuff for less, am I right?

However, I do have to say that the best thing ever about the Fabled online shop is what you can get your online order together with your grocery order from Ocado if I am not mistaken (this is something I never tested), bu most of all you can cancel your order yourself before it is processed. I once purchased the from Aqua di Parma fragrance and was able to cancel it in less than 5 minuets without dealing with their customer service. So kudos to them in this regard! Considering how I have been battling another retailer’s customer service for days now, I did appreciate having this option.

Okay, so now on the topic at hand. I just recently got an email from Fabled by Marie Claire with an amazing offer and I wanted to share it with all of you. Maybe some of you are not a newsletter subscriber or simply do not read their emails, so I wanted to make increase your chances of seeing this amazing gift with purchase.

The current gift with purchase from Fabled by Marie Claire included 7 products that come in great sizes. These products include:


Liz Earle Clean and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – this is the brand’s so called ‘hero’ product.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 13.01.50.png

I have tried the cleanser for the first time several years ago, in fact three years ago almost to the day. I remember getting a bottle from the Glamour Beauty Festival in London the first time I attended. I know that it is weird that I recall this, but that is how my memory works. Plus, the event is supposed to take place again starting this Friday (8th of March).

Anyway, the product is simply amazing. It is so easy to use and it removes all the dirt form your face including makeup in just a few seconds. Plus, it does not strip your face of all the natural oils and leaves the skin very moisturised.

This is the classic product, but from time to time LiZ Earle releases a limited edition. In the gift with purchase you will be getting the classic one which as I said above, is pretty great. The one thing I like more about the limited editions is the fragrance, but this one is okay as well.

I am not sure whether you will be getting the entire kit with the cloth or just the cleanser, but cloth are available to purchase in Boots. It does work pretty well with non Liz Earle cloths as well so no need to get a branded one. The kit retails fro 17 GBP.


Erborian CC Creme

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 13.08.27.png

The next product included in the gift with purchased from Fabled by Marie Claire is the CC cream from erborian. This is a K-Beauty product that I have heard many things about. I cannot comment no the product per se as I never tried it myself. I had it in my possession once, but the colour has not suitable at all for me so I donated it.


Boucleme Curl Redefined Hydrating Hair Cleanser

Then we have the Boucleme Curl Redefined Hydrating Hair cleanser which is a sulphate free hair cleanser perfect for fine hair and loose waves.

Neil’s Yard Remedies – Rose and Mallow Moisturiser 

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 13.16.00.png

This moisturiser retails for 21 GBP and according to Fabled By Marie Claire, it is suitable for all skin types. I wish I could tell you more about the product, but I cannot.

I have used Neil’s Yard Remedies before and while the products were great, I could not deal with the scents of most of them. Their fragrance are just not for me.


BYBI Supercharge Serum

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 13.19.41.png

The packaging of this product might defer as the brand updated its packaging. I believe the one included in the gwp will be the new updated version. This is a pretty popular product and one that I enjoyed the 2 times I tried it before. I never actually used an entire bottle, but my first impressions were positive. I have been meaning to get a full sized one for a while.

This serum from Bybi retails for 32 GBP.


Emma Hardie Purifying Clay Detox Mask 

The next product is a clay mask from Emma Hardie. Again something I never tried, but I would try if only for the fact that it is a mask from Emma Hardie rather than a cloth cleanser. I have more than 10 of her cloth cleansers and while they are amazing, I want to try something new now. This is probably the product I am most curious about from this entire gift if I am being honest.


Löwengrip Luminous Bronze – Self-Tan Drops

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 14.12.21.png

The seventh product of this gift with purchase from Fabled by Marie Claire is one that I never heard of before. I never heard of the brand actually. Now that I have though, I do want to learn more. It does seem interesting. However, this product in particular is not my kind of thing.

The Self Taner Drops retail for 37 GBP.

Overall, I think this is a great offer from Fabled by Marie Claire and I do recommend you have a look in case you want some new goodies. The gift is worth around 200 GBP and you only need to spend 100 GBP to qualify for it. I believe this is a pretty reasonable offer and 100 is pretty easy to reach.

In case you have no idea what to spend your money on, here are some of my suggestions:

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 14.18.21.png

This is a great foundation from Nars if you are tired of the matte look. This is a foundation on the dewy side and it is very luminous. It does not crease and gives you a very natural look. This is also my to go to foundation most days.

Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 14.21.01.png

Another suggestion is the Ginger Lily Collection from Molton Brown. The entire collection smells absolutely divine. My favourite product is actually the home fragrance, but it does not seem to be available any longer on the Fabled website.

In fact, most of the Molton Brown products smell incredible!

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 14.27.18.png

Another great product is this styling balm from Percy and Reed. It is easy to apply on wet hair and it makes your hair more manageable. You can achieve some pretty great looks with this one if you hair tends on be on the flat side. It definitely saved me time and time again from looking like a cow licked my head.


I hope that some of you will decide to benefit form this amazing offer. I for one am still trying to figure out my CB situation for now so I will postpone shopping online until hen. Again, I never had any issues with Fabled by Marie Claire, but if you have do let us know in a comment below so that others can learn from your experience.

*no affiliate links have been used. This is also NOT a sponsored article.


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