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How to save money with Honey

For any shopaholic, getting more value for as little money as possible should be a priority. I know that it is for me! In general, no amount of disposable income should stop you from going bargain hunting. At least, in my opinion.

One way that you can make sure that you are getting the best deal possible is by using Honey.

What is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that works on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and even Microsoft Explorer. Simply put, it is an amazing tool for anyone who likes to do some online shopping.

So what does Honey do and why do you need it?

Honey, just like I mentioned above, is a browser extension that makes it incredibly easy for you to save money on your online purchases. Honey automatically searches for all voucher codes and tries them all if you allow it to do so. Furthermore, the extension is free so you have nothing to lose even if Honey fails to find a code that works.

How does Honey work?

If you choose to install Honey, then that is basically it. You don’t need to do much afterwards. You shop online as you usually would and a notification will show up if there are any codes that Honey would like to try to see if you can score a discount or offer. You then let Honey do its thing and it will automatically try all the codes for that website that it holds in its database. If there are no codes that work, then Honey will tell you so or if there is a code that works, then you will obviously see the discount applied to your total.

Does Honey work all the time?

No, there are multiple instances where Honey does not work. Some websites might not be supported. Plus, like previously mentioned, they might not be any codes that work on certain websites or for the content of your basket.

My experience with Honey

I installed Honey on Safari, my browser of choice. I know that Safari might not be the best browser out there so if you are a techie, please don’t waste your breathe and I am saying this the nicest way possible. It is however the browser that meets my current needs.

Okay, so as I was saying, I installed the Honey browser extension on Safari and it works well. It never made my browser crash nor did it cause any other issues.

There are many websites that support Honey, even more so than I could find advertised on the Honey website. So keep this is mind.

In general, I haven’t managed to find many discount codes that worked, but I have found some on websites such as Feel Unique where I started shopping for beauty products in recent months. I have never seen it work on Cult Beauty or Harvey Nichols, but I take whatever I can get.

I did find that Honey works best in the US. However, since the extension is free there is no harm in installing it. Okay, so the extension might gather a few details about your online behaviour and whatnot, but to me that is worth it. I do recommend reading their privacy notice if you are concerned about Honey’s activity.

There are more advanced features such as gaining Honey coins and exchanging them for gift cards, but that is not my case so I don’t have experience with it. There are many more points that I need to get to reach that threshold. Hopefully one day! Oh, I did get coins by shopping at Superdrug.


Overall, I wanted to say that Honey is not a scam and that it definitely works, even in the UK. It takes time and patience to find a code that will actually save you money, but no real effort is required on your part. I do recommend you give it a try.

Join Honey via my invite here.


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