Everything you need to know about shopping at Revolve from the UK

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There are so many IG worthy brands out there and many of them are impossible to find in the United Kingdom.

I don’t know about you, but I personally spend way more time than I should on Instagram lusting over all the beauty brands that I cannot get my hands on in the UK. It is not like I can travel to the US each time I want to get something, so for that reason I started looking into alternative solutions.

I found one and that is Revolve, the major American online retailer. You might be familiar with it as Revolve is one the brands/shops that feature quite often on major influencers’ feeds.

While Revolve has a huge selection of fashion, accessories and what not, what interested me is their beauty selection and that is what I am going to talk about in the next few paragraphs.

Here is what you need to know about Revolve Beauty and specifically about how you can get the products offered delivered to the UK.

What you need to know about ordering from Revolve to the UK

1.Product prices include custom charges

If you plan on shopping at Revolve, the first thing you have to make sure is that you set the shipping destination to the UK. Usually this is done automatically, but it truly depends on your privacy settings.

Once the location is set to the UK, the prices of the products will be shown in GBP. You probably experienced this with many other retailers. So this should not be anything new for you. However, what makes Revolve standout is that the prices in GBP include all the taxes you might be charged at customs. So the price shown is the price you pay with no more taxes added at checkout or upon delivery.

2. There are no additional taxes at checkout or upon delivery 

I already mentioned this above, but want to emphasise it once again. You will not be charged any additional custom taxes at checkout nor upon delivery as all taxes have been included in the product prices.

3. Delivery to the UK is free if you spend 70 GBP

If you spend more than 70 GBP (which is incredibly easy to do), then the delivery is free. For order under 70 GBP, the delivery fee is 7 GBP.

4. Revolve has short delivery times

Parcel are delivered via FedEx and the delivery time is of 3-4 working days.

5. 30 days price match guarantee 

If the products you purchase go on sale within 30 days of you making a purchase, then you can get a price adjustment. You just need to reach out to customer service.

6. Returns from the UK are free

One of the things I was most impressed by is the fact that returns are free if you are shipping from the UK. Not many international retailers offer such options.

If you wish to return any of the items you purchased from Revolve, then you can easily do so. With your order there is a prepaid label for DPD so you just need to fill out the paperwork, stick on the label onto the parcel and take it to your nearest DPD drop off point.

The return process is pretty straightforward.

7. Some beauty brands that you can get from Revolve that are unavailable in the UK 

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the brands you can get from Revolve and that are not available in the UK:

  • Versed
  • anese
  • Kosas
  • Chica y Chico
  • Context
  • IPKN
  • Jillian Dempsey
  • Jinsoon
  • Koh Gen Do
  • Lashfood
  • NCLA
  • Supergoop
  • Lapcos
  • Kopari Beauty

and more.

My experience with Revolve

In the second part of this article, I would like to talk a bit about my own experience with shopping at Revolve.

As some of you might know, I celebrated my birthday on the 24th of June. My mother kept asking me what I wanted and I honestly did know what to tell her. All I wanted was the Harvey Nichols gift with purchase, but they did not release one. So it was time to think of something else and that is how I decided to take the plunge and place my first Revolve order. I wanted something a bit special to mark this occasion, you know?

I placed my order on a Monday and by Thursday evening, the parcel was already in my hands. As mentioned above, all taxes were included in the product prices so I was not charged any additional taxes.

The parcel arrived in a brown and incredibly study card box. There was nothing to indicate what you could find inside. It also included a ‘handle with care’ label which I am very grateful for.

Since I was already planning on writing this article, I decided to go with the gift box option so I paid a little bit extra for that. So inside the brown box, there was a white box with a salmon pink bow on top.

revolve beauty uk gift

kopari beauty versed beauty uk

The actual gift box was made of a much softer card. While it looked very cute, I have to say that I was hoping for a sturdier box, one that I might want to keep to store some beauty products. I might keep it anyway, but it is not the type of box that I usually hold onto.

The bow on top was beautiful and it actually had an elastic band so you could easily take it off. I actually liked that as I can now use the bow as a photo prop. I can never get my bows to look as cute as the ones created by shop assistants. I lack practice or patience, most likely both!

The box content was in pristine condition.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my purchase and the services I received. I had absolutely no issues with my Revolve order and now I look forward to placing a new one.

I have no regrets and I am incredibly happy I decided to take the plunge and place this order. Through Revolve I managed to get my hands on beauty products I wanted to try for a long time. I cannot wait to see what I discover next!

Have fun discovering new beauty brands!


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