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How to shop ELF Cosmetics and get more value for your money


What is ELF?

For those of you who might not be aware, E.L.F or Eyes, Lips, Face is a brand predominantly found in North America that carries everything from accessories to lipstick, foundation and skincare.

Why should you be interested in ELF?

Why should you care about the brand, you might wonder. The brand is one of the most affordable beauty brands out there. No only that, but they also sell good quality products, and stay on top of the trends when it comes to new launches.

That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

It really is, as far as I am concerned. With ELF you get to try the latest trends in beauty such as glitter masks or watermelon products at a fraction of the price.

IMG_6564elf makeup by blush suede dot comelf makeup by blush suede

As you can see, I managed to amass quite the collection. The photos were taken a while back so ever since, my collection continued to grow. The reason for that is due to the fact that ELF is absolutely addicting. How could it not be, considering the prices. However, that is not what this article is about. This article is how you should go about shopping products from this brand in such a way that you get more value for your money.

In certain countries, the brand is available in drugstores which is great for when you are time constrained, however that is NOT they way you should buy these products.

Hear me out.

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This is where you should buy your ELF products from

ELF products should be bought from the source aka the main website and in small quantities. You should try to optimise your orders so that you meet the minimum amount to qualify for free delivery, but not more at one time.

Why? Well, each time you order through the website you gather points and in no time you will reach their highest membership level. Those points will help you achieve a higher VIP level and thus you will gain extra benefits. However, the points can also be used to for vouchers and gifts.

Furthermore, another reason why you should order from the main website is due to the fact that they run seasonal sales and as such you can get your bands on the same amazing products at a lower price, think a dollar or so.

Last, but not least, on the website you will often find additional offers such as an offer for a gift with purchase, Sometimes you get to choose the products in your gift, others you know what those products are and every now and then the gift is a mystery.

The spend amount needed to qualify for a gift with purchase is usually the same as for free delivery which is easy to reach. Another reason to make small and frequent purchases! You can get your hands on a series of amazing goodies for free.

bundle of elf products purchased online by blush suede

Before you go, get £5 off your £20+ ELF order using my referral code.

Where you usually buy your ELF products? Are you an ELF fan?


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      it is not that it is cheaper, it is that you get extra stuff as well. But yeah, if you only want brushes and lashes then perhaps Ulta and loyalty points work best for you. I am surprised though that you like their brushes. I hated all that I tried.

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