Birchbox August 2019 Summer Lovin’ edition

I always have mixed feelings when it comes to beauty subscription boxes. I would rather not say that they are not worth your money because their value is always higher than the price you pay, but they do not always impress either so it all comes down to how you look at things.

There are some tricks that I adhere to in order to get my money’s worth ( coming up soon on BlushSuede), but sometimes I fail to listen to my own advice… we can’t all be perfect,

That leads me to how I ended up with the August edition of Birchbox. I was stressed out and made a mistake. Do I regret the purchase? Read and find out.

Birchbox August 2019 Review

As you have probably read above, the August 2019 edition of the Birchbox subscription box was not a planned purchase. Far from it. However now that I have it, I decided to keep it and review it since I have not opened one of these on the blog in quite a while.

So is this edition of the box worth it?

Again, it truly depends on how you look at things. For some of you this might be the best box ever. For me it is anything but. But before we discuss why, let’s talk contents.

What does the Birchbox Summer Lovin’ box contain?

My edition of the August 2019 beauty box contains a body scrub from Anatomicals, a fan brush from Spectrum, a BB cream from Marcelle, a deluxe sample mask from Glam Glow and a mini hyaluronic mist from Balance Me.

At first sight that is not so bad, right?

For me it is not that good either. There are some pretty great brands included and I have used products from all but Marcelle, however the brands included are not necessarily some I turn to often. Well, with the exception of Glam Glow. However, the mask included from them is also the one I like the least so…

Before we go forward, I do want to clarify that just because the brands included are not some of my to-go-to brands, that does not mean that the products are bad or that the brands do not provide any value. That is not the case. However, I do have to say that I find the products pretty uninspiring.

What is the verdict?

Personally, I found this box particularly disappointing. The value of the box is not that high when compared to other editions and inside there is not a single product that makes me wanna try it right away. That is quite uncommon, but it happens I guess.

I agree that there it is not possible to satisfy everyone when it comes to these boxes and that is why I have my ways to ensure that I am always happy (coming soon). But despite my personal feelings and thoughts on this edition of the box, I do believe that this is one of the most disappointing boxes I have ever seen from Birchbox and I have been following them for years. Such a pity! This does not mean that I will never subscribe again.

Just one more thing, there are other versions of this box which are far superior. It is me that ended up with a dud, the boxes including the Nuxe mask do look far more appealing and I would have loved those as I have been looking forward to trying out the Nuxe mask ever since it came out. Life…

What do you think of the August edition of Birchbox?

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