How to put a ban on your beauty spend – shopaholic style

It is January 1st, can you believe? I honestly cannot. I kinda refuse to even think about it as it means that my holiday is nearly over and it is back to real life. However, another reason why I refuse to think about it is because I really want to implement a spending ban where beauty products are concerned. Don’t worry though, my system, which will be detailed below, is going to be a bit more complex so that it accounts for the fact that I am a bit of a shopaholic.

The system which I will describe below is my attempt at implementing a shopping ban for all things beauty. Since it is me we are talking about, the system will be quite complex and you will probably refuse to even think about it. Don’t worry, I will offer a second option which is for non crazy people. My shopaholic tendencies do tend to get the best of me so the more complex something is and the more time it takes, I don’t have time to lust over beauty products. Some of you probably get where I am coming from. No, I cannot do anything simple before anyone asks. I have been asked that all my life, especially while in school and I have very little tolerance for the question. Just so that we are clear.

Okay, I will cut it out and get back to business.


Shopaholic Style Spending Ban


For each product that I will finish and throw away, I will get a spending allowance. The spending allowance is half the value of said product. The value of the product is determined based on size.

If the product is full sized then I will get half the value allocated to my spending allowance. For example, if a product is worth £18 and it is a full sized product then I will get £9 allowance.

If the product is a mini, I will get half the value amount allocated to my spending allowance. However, here the value is calculated based on the full sized product. For example, if I have a mini of a product that is 60ml and worth £10 and the mini is just 30ml then I get only £2.50 added to my allowance.

For palettes, I will calculate the value of a pan and when I completely finish one pan and not when I just hit pan, I can add half that amount to my allowance.

For tools, I will also add half the value to the allowance when I discard a tool.


Additional remarks

The allowance can be spent at any time and any unspent allowance will roll over to the next month.

Stuff you throw away that you did not finish is not worth anything.


Exceptional circumstances

Products purchased to be given away as gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other such events will not impact the allowance. If any of the products will remain in your possession, you will have to then subtract the amount from your allowance.

Gifts with purchase also represent an exceptional case. I will be incredible selective when it comes to any gifts with purchase. With that being said, when there is a GWP at Space.NK, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Liberty or Harvey Nichols, I can choose to make a purchase even if my allowance does not allow it. However my allowance will then be zero. I will be very careful when it comes to such gifts and won’t be getting all of them. I will show some restrain here, but I want some liberty as these gifts don’t come around everyday and some are truly worth it. Gift sets such as the Selfridges Beauty Bag that was available a few months ago do not represent an exception.

For very time sensitive offers, I will allow a negative balance of up to £50 which needs to be settled before making any further purchases.

PR, event goody bags and the like won’t impact the allowance. The disposal of the products will.


Additional Allowance for bloggers and Instagrammers

  • Youtube Video featuring just one product – £10
  • Youtube Video featuring multiple products – £5 overall
  • Blog Review – £5
  • Instagram post – £1



Hope this is clear, even if it is a bit more complicated than a simple point system. Let’s be honest, I am a shopaholic and I really don’t want to give up on getting new beauty products. I am also very curious and love to experiment with different products. Plus, going cold turkey won’t do me any good. However, I really want to limit my spending, especially after going overboard with advent calendars in 2019. My current beauty collection is huge and I really want to make it smaller by the end of this year. I want to stop hoarding beauty.

I really think this system can help me (and you) and I will try to do my best to keep it up. That is one of the reasons why I made it so complicated in the first place rather than adopting a simple and straightforward point system. I know that I would get bored with a simple point system.

In addition, I will share a monthly report. Hopefully that will also encourage you to choose the above system or maybe the below one. Heck, you can create your own system (do share below your post or suggestion if you do!)



Alternative system

  • Mini empty –  £2
  • Full-size empty – £5
  • Tool disposal – £3
  • Pan – £1

Review Blog/IG/Youtube –  various (see above)

The same rules as above apply, but the calculations here are a bit more straightforward.


Overall, I hope you will choose one of these two systems or even create your own. Don’t forget to share if you do create your own. Also,  I know that the first system can seem like a way to get around an actual spending ban or maybe to some of you it seems like it is just a ploy so that I can claim I am on a ban, but to me it is a way in which I can keep something up. I need that extra layer of complexity to in part fool myself and also to keep me busy so that my fingers don’t feel the need to tap that card or click that button.


January 1st – Allowance: £0. 


Are you adopting any of the above systems? Have you create your own? Share below.








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