Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2019

This is the list of the top 10 most read articles from BlushSuede in 2019. Before we move onto the list, I have to admit that the list does not contain any time sensitive posts such as gift with purchase offers or other such articles.

How to order from ColourPop in the UK

ColourPop is one of those brands that has experienced an impressive growth. 2019 was definitely a big year for them as they have launched sister brands and had a release basically every week. There is no wonder that everyone wanted to know about the process of getting the products in the UK. I sure ordered from them more often than I probably should have. The brand is still going strong so if you want to know how to get your hands on their products without going through intermediaries then read this.

Let’s address those CYO Cosmetics rumours

Around a year ago, rumours started flying in regards to the future of the affordable makeup brand found in Boots – CYO Cosmetics. A few months ago, we finally received an official response from the brand. Read it here.

Skin Research Youth Peptide Day Cream

This is the first review from this list and the most read review here on Blush Suede. This is a product that I received as a gift and never expected to see so many people interested in it. It is already the most read article in 2020! There is no wonder as the product is definitely something else. Read the review here

How Cult Beauty Screwed Me (&others) Over

Almost a year ago, I had my first ever issue with Cult Beauty. To say the least, it was incredibly disappointing. However, what was most disappointing the day everything went down and how many people were affected. Read here what happened.

How to get First Ray Beauty in the UK

Same as with ColourPop, here is how you can get your hands on CP’s sister brand products if you live in the UK.

The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendars List

Another article that makes it into this top is the list of advent calendars from 2019. What a shocker, right? With the times I posted about an advent calendar last year, it is quite a wonder that this is not THE most read article. Here is a reminder of the calendars released in 2019

VS Pink Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub

Another surprising entry on this list is the article on the Coconut Oil Body Scrub from Victoria Secret. This product is part of one of the most popular collections released by PINK in recent years, but I have to say that I was truly surprised by the entry. Here is the review if you want to read it.

VS Coco Zen Vanilla Body Lotion

I told you that the coconut collection from Victoria Secret PINK was popular. So here is another review of a product from said collection that made the list.

ColourPop by The Bushel Lippie Scrub

This is an article I am glad that made the cut as the lippie scrub is really nice and I am still obsessed with it despite using it for so long. Here is the review if you want to read it.

Morphe x Jeffree Star Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

This is one of the first eyeshadow reviews I posted and it definitely deserved to be. That is all I am going to say, but you can read the full review here.


And this is it folks. Here are the top 10 most read articles from BlushSuede if you wish to have a look or revisit them. This would have not been possible without you clicking on them so thank you. I hope you enjoyed these articles and hope you will enjoy the ones I will be posting this year as well.

Which was your favourite article from the blog?

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