How to care for oily hair

Looking after oily hair may seem like a real struggle, especially when you live in a busy city. You might not have the time, or inclination, to spend ages on it. But, the good news is that it doesn’t need to take you very long at all! Fitting a few easy-to-follow tips into your busy schedule will not only make life easier, it’ll help you look after your locks and get them looking more glossy and less greasy.

  • Wash less frequently: In a big city like London, pollution can wreak havoc on your hair and leave it feeling grimy. So, how often should you wash your hair? You might think you need to wash it every day to get that greasy feeling out, but you’re actually better off washing less. The more you strip your hair of its natural oils the harder it will be to replace them, and that can often lead to an even oilier feel. Wash no more than every other day, and a little less frequently if that’s not doing the job.
  • Try dry shampoo: Washing your hair less often will save you time, as will replacing your usual cleaning regime with a different approach. Switch from wet to dry shampoo on certain days. Quicker? Definitely! But it also helps suck up some of the oil to leave your hair less greasy. You can also sprinkle baby powder on the roots for the same effect; just make sure you rub it in well.
  • Go easy with styling products: It’s really important to choose products that won’t add to that oily sensation. If you’re going to use gels, mousses and sprays, apply them sparingly. Talk to your hairdresser about what might be best for you, and ask friends that have similar hair type what works for them. It’s all about trial and error, and the more options you’ve got the better.
  • Try not to touch: The temptation is to run your hands through your locks if they’re oily, and maybe try to fix things with your fingers. The truth is the more you touch your hair the more you will increase the oiliness, so leave it alone as best you can. That goes for brushing too; overdo it and oil production might also increase.
  • Wash with care: So what is the best way to wash oily hair? One of the keys is to focus on the tips of the strands, especially when you’re using conditioner. Use too much all over and it will weigh your hair down. Work from the mid-point to the tips, that way you’ll help avoid a greasy scalp and roots.

It’s all about finding what works for best for your hair type – so make sure you do your research. If you’re still wondering how often should you wash your hair then remember that everyone is different. Follow our guidance and adapt the frequency of washes gradually until you find what works for you. With these tips and other handy tricks for taking care of oily hair, you’ll have your locks looking beautiful and healthy in no time.



This was originally a guest post and here are some additional comments I would like to make. While I also agree with the statements made above, there are a few things that I feel should be added.

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo as it saved my butt more times than I count. I won’t say not to use it for this reason, but please do not abuse it. Not only your hair will no longer smell fresh no matter how much you try to hide that fact with fragrances from dry shampoo cans, but also it ruins your natural hair. In time, with repeated use of dry shampoo you might start to experience hair loss. So while dry shampoo is very helpful for various reason and while you ca still use it, don’t make it a daily occurrence. That is all I am saying.

Another thing that should be mentioned here is that there is another way to deal with greasy hail and that is by using cleansing oils. Here is an article I wrote a while back in which I talk about my experience with cleansing oils and also review one such product. This method has really made wonders for my own oily hair.

These are my two cents and top of those of the guest poster. In case you know other tips and tricks on how to deal with oily hair, do leave them down below in a comment.

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