Blush Suede Tips Part I

It has been a while since I first posted some of these tips on social media. I think that some of them never actually made it on Instagram, now that I think about it. You might have seen some of them back in the day, but they were always meant to find their way on this blog as well.

Since my head is pounding from staying in for so many days in a row and having worked even more than when I go into the office (*okay driving home on Sunday morning after I woke up in a panic might also have something to do with it), I am beyond exhausted and cannot even consider writing a review. I do not want to put my entire life (in this case, ruin my streak – best one in my entire blogging career) on hold and I do need a distraction until I go to bed so I decided to finally tackle this topic or at least start talking about it.  I wanted to use an old adage here, but it hits to close these days so I am going to stick with “what better time to do this than today”.

The tips you will find below were initially meant to go up on the original IG account. Some of them made it, some did not as I mentioned above. Yes, this is one of the many projects that ended up being shelved, but the truth is a bit more complex.

If you really wanna know, I created these for the old @blushsuedero IG account, but that account was hijacked for a school project. I was supposed to run some ads on Instagram as part of my marketing assignment during my masters and a new account would not allow me to do so,  thus the reason why I sacrificed the instagram account that was meant for this blog.

Anyway, here is part I of my beauty tips.

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If you really want dry shampoo to work, then you need to apply it the day before your hair gets greasy. How can you know when that is? You know. You should have enough experience by now to estimate when your hair will no longer look good enough for you to be leaving your home. If you are sure that you won’t be washing your hair because you won’t have time or are simply too lazy to do so, then apply your dry shampoo the night before. This is  a game changer!

Be careful not to overdo it though. Dry shampoo is not an everyday kind of product. You can to avoid using it unless it is a must.

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Water has many health benefits, but it also plays an important role in the way your skin looks. For radiant and plump skin, water consumption is essential. Water does not only help flush out the toxins in your body, but it also hydrates which is what causes your skin to look better. You already know this, I am sure, but a reminder never hurt anyone.

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When it comes to makeup, it is either eyes or lips. If you want to go all in, chose wisely. Never go for both as it distracts. You want to either get people to focus on your lips or on your eyes. Flaunt your best asset or as fit for purpose. Eyes and lips, if not done right, can look overdone.

This does not mean to leave your eyes or your lips bare, no. It simply means to not go overboard with heavy makeup on both parts of your face.

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Someone once tries to convince me that serums are a waste of money. That is simply not true. Serums, due to their formulation, are more potent and are able to reach your skin tissue cells in a way no moisturiser can. A good serum is supposed to work; if it does not then it is no good. However, most do work and the results are visible so don’t ignore this product category.

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If you want to long hair and then you must take good care of it. As you know, most people are unable to grow their hair past a certain length. Well, one way in which you can help get past this barrier is by taking good care of it which also included regular trims. Plus, long hair looks bad if your tips are not trimmed.


These are some beauty tips I adhere to which I also recommend. As mentioned this is part I and if you enjoyed this, I will definitely write some more in the future. Let me know what you think. If you have tips to share leave them below or if you have questions also feel free to leave them below or reach out to me personally via the contact form. If you like any of these tips, feel free to share them. Yes, I am a bit shameless lately when it comes to plugs.

Stay safe!


What beauty tips do you know?


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