Harvey Nichols and The Perfume Society FRAGRANCE Discovery Box

I know, I know. I keep posting offers when I should be focusing on reviews. I do promise to get back to reviews, in fact, I will do so soon as after all December is the month of beauty advent calendar unboxing and I will also try to review as many of the products included in the calendars as I officially “open” them. However, until then, I will share offers that I definitely think you should have a look at, okay, even after but will tone it down a bit. For now, let’s talk about the latest launch from Harvey Nichols – a beautiful collaboration with The Perfume Society.

Harvey Nichols x The Perfume Society Fragrance Discovery Box Contents

CREED Aventus, Aventus Cologne and Aventus For Her – a trilogy of The House of Creed’s best-selling fragrances inspired by powerful men and women of history. 

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN L’Homme A la Rose – this woody floral eau de parfum is Francis Kurkdijian’s free interpretation of a rose for men. 

JULIETTE HAS A GUN Lipstick Fever – inspired by a streak of lipstick, a feminine essential. Focusing on the enchanting, historical notes used in lipsticks. (this one actually smells like lipstick strangely enough, it is a bit sweet and a bit old, but I kinda like it to my surprise)

RAMON MONEGAL Flamenco – flamenco is a profound and passionate art…orange flower petals, rose and jasmine are interwoven with sandal and cedarwood, set on a base of nectar of saffron, amber and musk. 

MAISON CRIVELLI Papyrus Moleculaire, Santal Volcanique and Iris Malikhan – defined by modernity, contrasts and surprises. 

ATELIER MATERI – Santal Blond, Peau d’Ambrette and Cuir d’Iris – inspired by the power and raw beauty of nature, each perfume explores a single raw ingredient. 

Price and Value

The fragrance discovery box is priced at £45 and has a value of over £90 which makes this a 50% or so saving. Not bad!


The fragrance discovery box from Harvey Nichols in collaboration with The Perfume Society is out now and can be purchased from here.


Look, I am a huge fan of perfume. I own more bottles that I will probably wear in my lifetime. I am obsessed with beautiful scents and love them too much to have a signature scent. I wear what I am in the mood for. While I do have some I always go back to, I do enjoy trying out new ones and see whether they fit me and my personality. If you get where I am coming from, then this is definitely something you will enjoy – if you have not tried these fragrances as of yet of course.

However, even if you are not as obsessed with fragrances as I am, you might still enjoy discovering new luxury fragrances at a still affordable price. You might learn that there is one out there you never thought to try that fits you better than all the ones you have tried until now. You never know. That is the beauty of fragrances IMO. They are so different and each house has something unique so there are infinite possibilities.

Anyway, this is not about me, but about this gift set and I will try to get back on track. In a more objective view, this is a good set. Could it have been better? Sure. The price, the number of samples includes could have been more customer friendly. but even like this, this set is still a good purchase. If you are looking for something different or for something new in terms of fragrances or simply for something to give away as a gift, then maybe this discovery box is for you.

Grab the Harvey Nichols x The Perfume society Fragrance Discovery Box here.

What do you think of this discovery box?

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  1. O

    Oh, I’m a huge fan of perfume as well. I totally understand, I don’t have a signature scent, I have plenty of fragrances for a mood, outfit, season, time of day, etc
    And it’s quite a deal this set, I reently saw a set of 4 niche samples of 1.2 ml each that cost ca. 20 EUR

  2. O

    Micallef. Check out their website, they have an amazing promo right now for quite a lot of fragrances, 100ml that normally go for 195 EUR are now for 78 EUR and everything is free shipping within Europe

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