Black Friday Haul

I guess this is the first time I am doing a haul post. Of course, since January I have been writing my monthly reports which include my monthly hauls, but never like this. Hope you will enjoy it.

My intention was to wait to post this until all my products arrived, but I realise that will take forever so I decided against it. I will mention them here though.

So what did I get?

I shopped only 4 different offers, three local and one international. Two of the offers were actually in the first half of the month when for some reason some stores in my country decided to celebrate Black Friday. Look, I do not get it either, but I am super glad! It does make sense as that is when most people get paid so….

The first offer I shopped was at This is an online retailer I apparently knew about for the past decade or so without even realising it. I surely have not shopped there until 2020, but I was subscribed to their newsletter… Now, I really wished I had checked my emails more carefully. The shop was recommended to me when I was looking for a specific product a few months ago and I have not looked away since.

Sole sells a mix of products – skincare (mostly Korean and organic), fragrances and designer sunglasses and bags. It is pretty strange, however it does not bother me. I do think this was the reason why I have not shopped there before though, it did not seem legit at first. It is though. I have placed like 10 orders for the past year and never had an issue.

The reason why i love this website so much is that it offers super fast delivery, high quality service and their products are often on offer. Regardless, they do offer some of the most competitive prices for authentic Korean Beauty products.

So what did I get from Sole?

Yadah Cactus Toner 210ml£7.17
Purito BHA Dead Skin Hydrating Gel 100ml£10.66
Kokostar Tropical Pitaya Eye Patches (single)£0.72
Dear, Klairs Daily Exfoliating Skin Toner 500ml£14.90
Dear, Klairs Daily Hydrating Skin Toner 500ml£14.90
It’s Skin Caviar Double Effect Toner£16.56
Kocostar Ice Cream Waffle Sheet Mask£1.82 purchases for Black Friday 2020

I got most of the products for about 40% off. I believe that the Dear, Klairs products were less reduced, but not certain about that. The products from that brand were newly added to the website so if I indeed benefited from a lesser discount, it would have made total sense. However, they were too at a very competitive price. Furthermore, the best thing about Korean beauty is that the products have a clearly specified end date so I know they are still good and will remain so until i get around to using them. Too bad that some products sold out while I am checking out though! I wanted more from Purito.

BeWell Store

My second order was from a store called BeWell Store. From this retailer, I purchased products from a brand that I had no idea that it was otherwise available. It was recently introduced to the local market and the other retailer despite having the best prices of any retailer I have ever encountered anywhere in the world, is bad at online shopping, but more on this below. So I went for some BlackFriday offers at a retailer I never shopped from before. It was scary at first, but things worked out quite well. I ended up loving this retailer as well, despite the fact that their prices were not the best.

I had no issues with shipping, but I found last minute who the delivery firm was. The service they route their parcels though is one I have never seen before and it was not super clear how it worked outside their city. However, the parcel was delivered via a well known courier that made huge strides in the right direction during these challenging times. I believe that the firm they use operates locally and they use national couriers for the rest of the country. I am fine with that! Probably not helpful to any of you, but just in case..

Okay, so I ordered a few products from Soroci at Black Friday prices. However, these prices were £1-£2 lower than the regular prices at a different readier. That kinda sucked when I discovered, but there was no reason to be upset as it turned out (again, more below).

REVOX JUST Collagen amino acids+HA£4.60
Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask £2.76
Soroci Fucoidan pads£16.58
Soroci Calming Essence£14.18
REVOX JUST Retinol Tonic 300ml£4.60
Soroci Soothing Skin Toner£11.60
Soroci NMF Serum£15.29
BeWell Store Purchases for Black Friday 2020

I only got a few products, less than what I wanted to get, but the prices were pretty high for each product, definitely higher than those for the products I got from Sole.

Instead, I got over 10 samples which I do appreciate, especially since they were almost all for products I wanted to get anyway. I might avoid some dubs in this manner.

Farmacia Tei (Linden Pharmacy)

This retailer is actually a pharmacy. However, what makes it special is that it offers the most competitive prices I have ever seen for both meds and beauty products. They carry lots of brands, but their website is the worst. They do not offer a list of brands, or if they do, it is hard to find. You need to know what you are looking for and you are often shown the products that are no longer available as well. It is super hard to browse. It is a nightmare, but they do incur high costs in running their brick and mortar stores and more so for offering the competitive prices they offer so it is understandable that their website is not as good. Some of their products are less than half priced compared to other retailers so..

It might sound strange for those living in Western Europe, but here people do shop in store, especially the elderly. Do remember that this retailer is a pharmacy. I never visited any of their stores in person before, but heard that the queues are huuuge. They only have a few stores, but most are warehouse/ even supermarket sized. I want to visit, but I am in no hurry to find myself near one such store as that would mean going back to the office… I only discovered the store during the first lockdown. Plus, I am pretty sure I would do severe damage to my wallet. Even my godmother who usually saves more than she spends was temped to buy a lot of vitamins and stuff when she visited one of their stores a few weeks back.

The reason why i mentioned this store is because one, I shopped here for Black Friday offers and two, I found out that they stocked Soroci after placing the order at BeWell and saw that the prices were pretty similar here to the Black Friday prices there. When I then learnt that there would be a huge Black Friday event at this pharmacy I was so disappointed in myself first of all. I suffered for like two weeks for no reason as the products from Soroci were not discounted. They were part of some offers, but gift with purchase offers and not discounts. I was upset as there was, like mention in the previous section, a different of around £2 between the full prices here and the BF prices at BeWell.

Yadah Cactus Soothing Gel £2.63
Suiskin Seed to Toner £8.76
Purito Green Level Centella Eye Cream £7.45
Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Moisturiser for Dehydrated Oily Skin£10.24
Purito 97 Galacto Niacin Serum £11.77
Purito Buckthorn Vital Cream£10.24
Yadah Cactus Toner Pads (10 pads – mini)£3.34
Farmacia Tei Black Friday Purchases 2020

Above you can see the products that I purchased from Farmacia Tei. Let’s hope it was worth it! I entered their website when the BF offers started, but given their amazing prices you can imagine that it was nearly impossible to shop as some prices were even lower than before. Since their online store is in bad shape as it is, it kept on crashing over and over again. Within minutes, every single products I struggled (yes, struggled as the website would give errors) to add to my basket were sold out.

Obviously, a few days later I did manage to get some of the products as they both improved the website from one day to the other (again and again) and they also brought back in stock some of the products. However, I believe it took around 3 restocks for me to get the products.

I have not received them yet and they did mention that they have like a 2 week processing time so it will take a while. I believe they hope I will cancel my order and give up, but not going to happen. I am patient! I got the products above at 40% off. Sure, I could have gotten them from Sole as well at very similar prices, but there they sold out while in my basket as well and they never returned in stock at the same prices.

Oh well… the things beauty crazy people do..


I only shopped at Glossier during actual Black Friday. I was tempted by more products that I have yet to try, there are not many, but there are enough. In the end, I went for only a few new ones and the rest were repurchases.

I shopped mostly sets so I saved on that and then I got 25% off. The above prices are the full prices, but I paid around 35% less overall. I love the concealer and the skin tint, but the rest of the products I have not tried or tried in this specific flavour when it comes to the balm.

So here it is. This is my Black Friday haul. Hope you enjoyed this article even though it was different and even though a lot of information probably does not provide any immediate value for most of you. If you do visit or have friends in Romania you might benefit from it some day… you never know :).

What do you think of this haul? What did you get for Black Friday?

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