What to expect this Christmas On BlushSuede?

With December just around the corner, you might be wondering what should you expect from BlushSuede this upcoming Christmas season. Even if you weren’t, here are a few more details of what I have planned.

I know that I have given you quite a few hints and some of you might have been around this time last year, so you already know, but here it is again. Starting December 1st, I will try my best to:

  • post daily advent calendar unboxing videos on my social media channels, particularly on Instagram (if you are not following me already, you can do so here)
  • post beauty advent calendar product reviews on the blog
  • post perhaps some exclusive content on my IG stories. reels and even TikTok
  • continue to share some offers and need to know articles, if the opportunity arises, however moving forward most of the beauty offers (particularly the smaller ones) will go back to being advertised on Instagram and also on a new blog I am working on in collaboration with the rest of the Hello Beautiful Media partners (more about this in January 2021). In the meantime, you can follow us at The Beauty Offers Club (WIP)

and more.

To be honest, I feel so unprepared. I wanted to do so many more things this time around and I wanted to do some of them differently than last year. I thought that by not having the added stress of not having the advent calendars near me and some (most) of the products, things would be easier. I was wrong. I am glad to be home and with the calendars, but I did not factor the fact that I was free until December the last time around whilst this year I have been working long hours nearly every single day, including some weekends. But then, there is added bonus of having the products of 6 rather than 14 calendars to review. I am still incredibly excited though to spend this “global” Christmas with you. Hope you will enjoy what I have planned. It will certainly be a bit different than usual.

Why global? I am surprised no one picked up on it, or if you did, you have not made any comments to me directly. Global, because this year rather than sticking to British brands, I decided to branch out. This year has shown us more than any other that we are in this together so I decided to celebrate our similarities as well as differences in a way that is very me – by choosing beauty advent calendars from various corners of the world, filled with products from well known and not that well known international artists and skincare professionals.

This year, we are going to talk through the products of a Swedish, a French, a German, a sort of Italian (mixed), an American and a British advent calendar. I know that there is a heavy focus on Europe, but that was within reach. I do hope that in the future, I will be able to go further if customs conditions allow it. This year, despite not having that many options that I knew of at least, I did not want to risk it even more by branching out further. Hopefully next year!

BlushSuede was always meant as a beauty destination, a place to hang out, share opinions and useful information with like-minded individuals who share the same interests. I always wanted for this to feel like a safe space to share all of that regardless of the differences and sometimes in-spite of similarities. Without getting into the heavy stuff right now, I always thought that we should embrace and celebrate the things that make us different as well as those that unite us. In short, I wanted you to know that you are welcome here no matter where you are from, what you look like, what your beliefs are etc. I am going to end it here for now as otherwise I will start again with the sappy or worse philosophical stuff and we cannot have that. There is fun to be had and cheer to spread.

Have a magical Christmas and I truly hope you will enjoy spending December with me.

xo Nana

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