Best of 2020: Need to Know

As per usual, I want to do a short review of last year and what happened over here at BlushSuede. We all know that last year was very different for all of us, but I find that some habits help keep me sane. I guess writing one such post is one of those habits. Anyway, I want to focus on positivity this year so I am not going to continue on that note. I am going to stop and get to the point. So here they are, the most popular “need to know” articles that you guys found useful in 2020.

How to get ColourPop in the UK

Without a doubt, ever since it was initially posted, the most popular article in this category is the one on how to purchase products from ColourPop and what the experience is like if you live in the UK. I cannot really blame you. The brand is still going strong and their products are nothing short of incredible for the most part and let’s not forget, they are also super affordable as well.

What Happened to the Ritual of Dao?

Ah, yes. Another popular post is the one of the curious case of the Ritual of Dao. This range from the Rituals seemed to have disappeared. It was there one day and the next, poof, it was gone. The range was one of my favourites so I was heartbroken a bit to find out that the products were no longer available. Too bad that products had been in front of my eyes this entire time just under a different name. I know you felt my pain.

How to get FourthRay Beauty in the UK?

After the immense success that was ColourPop Cosmetics, the moment they announced a skincare range. I was in line to try it. I am sure you were too as otherwise, I cannot really explain the popularity of this post.

How to Shop at Sephora from the UK

Boy, you do like shopping don’t you? I cannot blame you for that either. I love shopping just as much. For that reason, I am so happy to see that this post on how to shop at Sephora if you live in the UK really took off, despite having posted it toward the end of the year. I love people who try to get the most value for their money and are open to trying new things.

Everything you need to know about shopping at revolve from the UK

Another post I am happy to see that made the list is the post on shopping at Revolve. This one has been up for a while, but it was only last year that people started noticing it. I really like Revolve and that they carry so many interesting beauty brands. Plus, they have all sort of offers and value kits every once in a while which is pretty incredible as well. Like I said above, I love people who are open to trying new things, new brands and new stores, among other things of course.

There you have it. The most popular “need to know” articles from BlushSuede. I know what the numbers say, but which articles did you really find to be the most useful ones? And on that note, what kind of topics would you like me to cover next? Are there any shops you would like to learn more about? Or perhaps what the customer service is like at certain stores? Whatever you can think of, let me know in a comment below.

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