Let’s talk: skincare and the lack of EXCITEMENT

This is yet another one of those articles I had all planned in my mind and that sounded great, but completely forgot how to properly write by the time I reached my laptop. It happens more times than I care to admit! I have a feeling that this article will require a lot of revision in order for it to sound sort of okay and for me to appear eloquent, or at least to pretend that I am on some level. However, I also know that if I were to revise it time and time again, it will end up stuck in my drafts tab for-eeeever. That was just a bad joke. No, not the “getting stuck in the draft tab” part, that part is awfully true, but the forever bit. I wanted to allude to the conversation about the pronunciation of lever from an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Yep, you now know my secret. I am as nerdy as they get.

In all seriousness, and yes, attempting to leave my non-existent sassiness aside, I feel like I am in skincare rut. Is there even such a thing? Can I even call it that? Before I fall further down the rabbit hole (aka the beauty offers game), I wanted to post this article to have an honest conversation about the lack of inspiration I get from skincare nowadays. Maybe inspiration is not the right word as I am not trying to create a masterpiece here, unless we are talking about my skin which I am pretty sure will never be considered a masterpiece. By me or anyone else. It would be taking it a bit too far to even call it that and even I am not that self-involved. I rather think I am not more [self-involved] than anyone else, but that is a story for a different time.

The point, yes, finally! The point is that I find it more and more difficult to get excited about beauty and new launches. Don’t even go there! Just don’t! 😀 Oh, wow. Now I am starting to develop a dirty mind on top of everything. Just want I needed. Anyhow, yes, you read that right. I am starting to find skincare boring. Skincare, as I do not care much for makeup really. There are very few makeup brands that interest me, but okay, we do not necessarily have to refer here to skincare, but beauty in general. However, personally, I struggled with skincare in particular lately as makeup is not something I use these days, well I use even less of than before. I am going to stick to skincare on second thought.

Before you get all rilled up, I still love skincare and I will continue to share my thoughts on skincare products as I have until now, but in general, I find that more and more products are just more of the same. There is such a lack of innovation going on lately. I am not talking about food inspired skincare which seems to make a comeback or the new shiny packaging designs which are used by brands to entice customers, I am referring to actual products. I am not trying to be absurd here. I know that innovation takes time, R&D takes time and that incredible ideas are hard to come by and sometimes implementation is nearly impossible and that a product has to undergo a series of modifications until it is stable to be placed on the market, if it even works after so much tweaking. But it is also a number’s game. You would think with so many labs out there, at least one of them would be able to come up with something extraordinary. I am not even sure where I am going with this anymore or if I am making any sense. I hope I am, but who knows….

Going back to my previous comment, all I know is that a cute travel coffee cup, won’t make a moisturiser any better. You know? A powerhouse brand name won’t mane a product more effective. A huge price tag won’t make me feel any better, if anything, it will make me feel worse. With so many skincare brands out there and brands such as The Ordinary (*not the best example) that raised the bar for affordable skincare, I am less inclined to spend £££ on skincare that won’t provide significantly more results than a ££ product and whose quality I have no guarantee is higher. I would rather put those extra £ in my savings account or my investment account.

If I were to think back at the last brand that caught my attention, that brand would be U Beauty. The moment it came out and it popped up everywhere (now that should have been a sign), I was curious. It was new, it sounded interesting and I am not talking about the marketing or rather the visual marketing bits, but the philosophy of their products. I have yet to try all of their products, but the ones I tried so far such as the Smart Hydrator did nothing but strengthen my belief that the brand is hyped up.

Then, there are the dermato-cosmetics. Okay, there is something here for sure. I actually found more gems among this type of products than in any other category as of late. For that reason, I will not go bashing this category of products. This category did make me lose even more faith in high end, luxury brands though. It showed me that there are some powerful products out there and that they do not break the bank. Like I said above, I know all about The Ordinary and the change it brought to the beauty world, but I am not that obsessed with the brand as some of you might be. I like some of their products just fine, but there are better one out there.

As with pretty much everything in life, I have high standards when it comes to skincare and beauty in general. While this might alienate many people and honestly, I won’t blame you, I refuse to settle. Before you tell me to get off my high horse, I am not claiming I am perfect. I am far from it, but I do try to improve myself and any aspect of my life, I seek to grow in every aspect of my life which includes beauty products. I am looking for better products and for products that do not only bring something else to the table, but preferably have an appropriate price tag attached. I am not cheap, but I do not want to waste money (that is rich coming from me, I know – however there is wasting money and then there is wasting money – I realise it does not really come across they way I sounded my head). What I mean is that there is stuff I am happy to throw money away on cause it makes me happy and then there are products that I could find alternatives for, alternatives that work better and are cheaper. However, at the endow the day it is not about money (shocking, I know). My issues with the industry, well one of them as there are way too many to count, the one I am fixating on right now is the lack of innovation. I know that this past year has been difficult, but that is more incentive to try to do more. I don’t know… All I know is that I love beauty and skincare in particular, that I doubt will ever change, however at this moment in time I am feeling a bit let down.

I hope I made some sense and that I was able to properly explain where I am coming from. I always find this type of articles risky, especially being a non-native English speaker. In general, since the written word is not really my jam (yea, I know I have been attempting to blog for the past 10 years this May), but still, I am not always sure that I can get my ideas across as they were intended.

Now, I want to turn this conversation onto you.

How are you feeling about the beauty industry these days? What is the latest beauty product that made you go “OMG” or “wow”. Have you ever been in a rut? Which product made you change your mind?

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