Underrated vs Overrated Part 1

Hello again. For today I decided to do something slightly different. I have been meaning to do this for a while so since I am lacking inspiration and can barely keep my eyes open, I decided that today is a good day. I am going to keep it short and sweet. I assume you are already familiar with this game.

Let’s play the first round of Underrated vs Overrated. Shall we?

Glossier: Highly Overrated.

Glossier is was the darling of Instagram and to some extent, it still is. I definitely fell for it myself. I mean a brand this popular had to be popular for a reason (more than kick-ass marketing, right? It was impossible that out of the million people out there, no one would say anything bad about the brand. There were positive reviews coming from every direction so the moment the brand launched in the UK, I was in line to get myself some goodies.

Wrong. I tried nearly every single one of the products that this brand launched and most of them have absolutely no place on your vanity. No place at all. However, there are a few products such as the Stretch Concealer and the Perfecting Tint that are indeed incredible. Overall, the brand is super overrated IMO.

Laneige: Perfectly Rated

I was a bit hesitant to say that this brand is perfectly rated, but actually it really is. You just need to dig deep. If you look past the image that social media want you to remember when it comes to this brand, the reviews do speak for themselves. The real ones do, at least. The brand did bring something new to the table, but overall the products are just average. They are okay-ish, but nothing to write home about really. Too bad as they do try to be innovative and have cute packaging. Hey! I know that packaging does not matter, but it feels nice to see a pretty jar on a shelf. I am sure you get it.

Glow recipe: Overrated

Another brand with an interesting story and another social media darling, Glow Recipe is a brand that I find to be slightly overrated. They made their debut with the Watermelon Sleeping Mask and expanded from there, but the food inspired brand while cute is not as incredible as it might want you to believe. At least, I do not believe it is. Business wise though, I would say that the brand is underrated, but product wise not so much.

See here my review of the Watermelon Juice Moisturiser and that of the Sleeping Mask.

Versed: Underrated

I am sure you already picked up on the theme of this post. Honestly, it was not necessarily intentional, but once I got started and found a direction, I decided to stick with it. Versed Skincare, another IG famous beauty brand is one brand that I actually consider to be underrated. Yes, you read that right. There are still “big” beauty brands that are quite well known online and that I consider to be underrated. This is just one of them. Versed Skincare has some pretty great beauty products and they are appropriately priced. Just what one needs.

Fourth Ray Beauty: Overrated

Another beauty brand which I am sure you all know about it due to its connection with the brand that changed the makeup world – ColourPop. When they first launched skincare, I was weirdly optimistic. I hoped that this American, affordable brand would surprise me just as much as the its makeup sister-brand did. Safe to say, the two brands are on two very different levels. Sad. So far, I found only one product from the brand that is worth it as it is a dupe for other such product, yet it is more effective and considerably more affordable and that is the charcoal mask. The rest of the products I tried were some of the worst beauty products I came across in recent years. I am still looking for the “gems”, but I do not have expectations.

That is about it for today. I wanted to keep this short and test the waters. Is this soothing you would like to see more of?

How do you feel about these brands? What do you think of this new series?

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