Sephora Haul Spring 2021

Hello, I am back. Obviously. That was significantly more awkward than it sounded like it my mind. Anyway, I decided to do something different today and share a bit more about my latest beauty haul. It has been a very long time since I posted anything of the sort. Not even sure whether this is something you are interested in, but thought it would be fun or at least different. To keep the interest alive. Okay, now THAT sounded bad. I am going to stop in 3…2…1. I am good now.

Sephora Haul Spring 2021 – What did I get in Sephora?

Sephora Collection Watermelon Mask

I am quite fond of the Sephora Collection range. Personally, this is one of the reasons why I even go to Sephora. I am based in Europe so as some of you might know, the Sephora stores here are not all that exciting, at least not when compared to other retailers. Sure, they do carry some brands that are otherwise unavailable. but most brands are available via Cult Beauty which delivers everywhere so…. Yeah, Sephora Collection is one of the main reasons to visit the store. Okay, not all their products are great, but every once in a while you do find something pretty incredible.

I have no idea what to expect from the body and face mask, but I am hoping it was not a waste of money. It was part of their new launches so thought I should give it a go.

Merci Hnady Hand Cleansing Gels

Also from Sephora, I got two cleansing gels from Merci Handy. I got quite a few of their hand cleansing gels over the years through beauty boxes and whatnot. I even purchases a couple from SkinnyDip if I am not mistaken. I used them whenever I remembered to pack one, but since a real need arose to have such products around, I have been using them significantly more.

Don’t get me wrong. I pretty much dislike the brand. No matter how cute the brand is, most of their products are pretty bad. Full honesty. I am sorry, but I really think most of their products are bad. However, the cleansing gels are some of the best ones on the market and trust me, I tried tens of brands in the past year. They also last surprisingly more than you might think despite the small size of the bottle and I have not had any issues with my skin because of them. Some of you might know that my hands are incredibly sensitive and my skin cracks for no apparent reason (I am still trying to figure out what is the cause). Nothing bad happened from using these gels. They also come in many fragrances so you definitely have where to choose from. I picked two random ones up, okay sort of random. I picked two pink ones up:D

Sephora Collection Almond Sheet Face Masks

The Almond range is one of my favourite across the Sephora Collection brand. So while it was not my first time purchasing such a product, I had to try the Almond masks as well. Then again, the other two boxes I have, I did not get to use enough to form an opinion on as I purchased them a day before deciding I was going to spend the lockdown period with my family. One year later and I am still home… (hopefully I will continue to be home as I cannot imagine returning to my flat and living on my own anytime soon. It gives me severe anxiety TBH). I am curious to try these new masks, but I am in no rush to be able to compare them with the other ones I got from this collection.

When it comes to these products I have to say that I am a bit on the fence even before properly trying them out. When you get a sheet mask packed individually and use it for a special occasion is one thing (*even though it is really not), but getting them in a box that looks like a pack of wipes makes me think that sheet masks are no better than wipes…Also, regular sheet masks seem to be quite effective even if some beauty experts claim they are not. I found that they are a welcome additional step in my beauty journey. I wanted to say routine, but it is not really right, now is it? I only use a sheet mask every month or so. The Sephora Collection sheet masks, well these sheet masks, are meant to be used more frequently. You only need to keep them on for a couple of minutes, if even that. So not only you end up going through more such sheets, but chances are they won’t provide any real benefits. I will come back to this once I get to play with the product for long enough.

I do have to say that this is a purchase I kinda regret, but the almond range is sooo good usually. Argh.

Truly Starkisser Jelly Lip Plump Mask 

Since I spotted some Truly products near the till, I decided it was time to give them a go. I wish I had gotten more products, but only the body butter was in stock which is not really a product I am all that keen to try. I would be more interested in trying their CBD skincare range if anything. As such, I ended dup getting the lip mask even though I had just gotten some from the Sephora Collection as well as Laneige. Oh well…

I cannot talk about the brand right now as I do not know it all that well, but I will come back with a review of this product and perhaps more. It looks like a cool brand and I know that some of you are obsessed with it. Fingers crossed, so will I [be].

Sephora Collection Vitamin Tonic Lotions

When I picked up the other items from the Sephora Collection, I also spotted these cuties. They are also part of the new launches from Sephora. I have had a thing for toner for the last 12 months or so. I wish I could explain why. Anyway, when I saw them and saw that they come in tiny bottles, I decided to give them a go. I picked up a toner lotion with Vitamin B3 (aka the Dragon Fruit one), one with vitamin C (aka the Passion Fruit one) and one with Vitamin E ( the Cucumber one).

I really hope they are any good as they were not cheap, but I don’t have high hopes honestly. The regular skincare collection from Sephora (the good ingredients one) has a better chance of having better skincare products. This particular “collection” is very marketable, cute and giftable more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible products here as well, but some careful consideration is needed. That is why I am here though. I can warn you off products that are not worth your money 🙂 and you all know how much I love doing exactly that.

And this is it. This is my latest Sephora Haul and to think I went in the store without the intention of buying anything at all. I was so certain I would not find anything that I did not even pick up a basket. It was a fun trip to the tills.

Shop Sephora here: US&Canada, France (for EU deliveries), Romania, Germany, Spain

Have you picked up anything interesting in Sephora lately? Which products would you like to learn more about (*aka for me to review)?

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      Honestly, never thought I would say this but I am way more excited about any parcel I get from the UK right now, especially after Brexit. Before I could import anything I wanted, everything I missed and did not feel so much the whole being away thing… before it was Sephora but could do with Sephora France. Like I believe I mentioned somewhere in a post of not this one, we always want what we cannot have but some stuff loses its appeal after a while if you get easy access 🙂 sorry! I have a thing for tangents. The masks are pretty great, at east some of them 😂

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