Where to buy Versed Skincare from?

I have been meaning to write this type of articles for quite a while now, but kept putting it off because I honestly do not know whether you will find this type of articles beneficial. Personally, I find that answers to such questions, such as the one in the title can provide value, however I don’t know about you since we’ve never done this before. Do let me know whether you want me to turn this into a series or just drop it now. Also, if you have thoughts on what will follow, do share them in a comment below so we can all learn.

The first feature of this “hopefully” new series is going to be one of my favourite skincare brands – Versed. Versed is an Instafamous skincare, pretty affordable brand created by the mind behind Who What Wear aka Katherine Power. The brand in a nutshell offers an entire range of skincare products that basically contain mainly the ingredients you need and exclude the ones that are not necessary for the formula to work, at least that is how the brand is advertised.

From personal experience I can say that the products I tried so far from Versed work pretty well and that they do feel more lightweight or that they have a more dairy, less plastic-y texture than their counterparts from other brands. The biggest difference I sense was in their cleansing balm which is so soft and it literally melts onto the skin. It is a joy to use and remove. I found that experience to be life changing beauty wise.

Okay, enough about me, me, me and let’s talk about where YOU can purchase the Versed Skincare products. Oh no, I won’t just tell you where you can shop the brand from. I am not that type of person *wink. I will make sure to mention where you can get it so that you get the most value for your money. Now we are talking, right?

Where to buy Versed Skincare from in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, Versed is mainly available at Cult Beauty which was the retailer who actually brought the brand across the pond and most recently, the brand started being available in Boots. Where to get from though? Where can you get the best deal? Let’s analyse both options, shall we?


The main advantage of shopping at Boots is their loyalty card – the Boots Advantage Card. Signing up for this loyalty scheme is free and you get loyalty points on every purchase. Those points can then be used to cover your purchases both in store and online. For online shopping though, you need to have enough points to cover both the purchases and the delivery fee, in case you spend less than the minimum that would qualify you for free delivery. I am not aware of being able to use two payment methods for online shopping.

You already know one of the reasons why Boots is a good choice for getting Versed Skincare from. You get loyalty points, however that is not all. Oh, wow. That sounded very much like what a teleshopping sales person would say. Sorry about that! The truth is that you not only get loyalty points for your purchase, but you can activate offers on your card. Sometimes you can double or triple your points for the products you purchase, something you can get extra points if you spend £20 or something across a brand or category of products. There is definitely all sort of offer variations you can take advantage of in order to make the most of you money.

Then there is also the get £10 off or get that amount in points for every £50 in store and £60 online I believe it was. There are also quite few variations here as well.

The point is that by getting the products from Boots, you can maximise your value in various ways. You can get something extra than if you were to shop somewhere else. These offers run basically all the time so you do not need to be all that patient either.

Shop Versed at Boots here.

Cult Beauty

Like I mentioned above, one of your best option for purchasing Versed in the United Kingdom is Cult Beauty. However given that this is an international shopping destination I will address it in more details below.

Where to buy Versed internationally?

In this section I will not focus on a specific region or country. I will refer mostly to sources that ship internationally as this information is accurate for most countries. The United States is the exception as the best source for Versed skincare is without a doubt a local one I might not know about with Versed being a US beauty brand and all that. All clear so far? 🙂

Cult Beauty

Okay so Cult Beauty is a very good destination for shopping Versed Beauty, especially for those of you who cannot get it locally. However if you can get it locally such as in the United Kingdom at Boots, other options might be better ones. If you cannot find it anywhere else then definitely CB is a good option.

Cult Beauty though is a better option no matter where you are when they have beauty gifts with purchase of at least sales. If you get the products and use them to qualify for a beauty gift with purchase then it is worth having at look at this shopping destination even when you have alternatives.

Shop Versed at Cult Beauty here.


Another option is Revolve. Revolve is an American retailer that ships internationally. Even here, a good moment to purchase something from Versed is as to supplement your order when you are interested in one of Revolve’s beauty kits. Sometimes these kits are not enough to qualify you for free shipping so it might be worth adding a little something from Versed.

Another thing you need to know about shopping Versed at Revolve is that this is the best place to shop new launches from the brand internationally.

Shop Versed at Revolve here.

Overall though, Boots is your best option if you live in the UK but also Cult Beauty a close second but only when they have beauty gifts with purchase offer. If you are based outside the UK and don’t have local shops that sell Versed then I would go with Cult Beauty and perhaps wait for a gwp offer or a sale at least. Revolve is a contender but you probably won’t get the most value you could possibly get if you choose to go that route, not on this occasion.

Have you ever tried Versed? Where do you think is best to shop this brand at?

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